WCRS Podcast - WitchesBrew

Witches Brew- Episode 83

Creature Feature

59:21 minutes (108.67 MB)

1. The Dooley Sisters- Spider in the Web
2. Tarantula Ghoul- King Kong
3. Christine Pilzer- Dracula
4. The Crystals- Frankenstein Twist
5. The Surfrajettes- Toxic (Britney Spears)
6. Shannon + The Clams- The Cult Song
7. Cat Power- Werewolf (Michael Hurley)
8. Kate Bush- Mother Stands For Comfort
9. Billie Eilish- Bad Guy
10. L7- Monster
11. PJ Harvey- Meet Ze Monsta
12. Kay Starr- Headless Horseman
13. Mildred Bailey + Her Orchestra- The Little Man Who Wasn't There
14. Satan In High Heels- Female of the Species
15. Fabienne DelSol- I'm Gonna Haunt You
16. Mazzy Star- Ghost Highway
17. The B-52's- Devil in My Car
18. Angelyne- Draculove
19. Kathy McCarty- The Creature

Witches Brew- Episode 82

Spooky Season

59:01 minutes (108.08 MB)

1. Julee Cruise- Up in Flames (Live)
2. Ksiezyc- Klawesynowa
3. Lucrecia Dalt- Blob On The Lawn
4. Tanya Tagaq- Sulfur
5. Daniela Lalita- Trececerotres
6. Virginia Aveline- Nefilim
7. Ruth White- The Irremediable
8. Kali Malone- Arched In Hysteria
9. Delia Derbyshire- Pot au Feu
10. Ann Shenton- Gizma
11. Orphan Ann- Vi ar overallt
12. Laurie Spiegel- The Hollows
13. Puce Mary- Coagulate
14. Alice Shields- Study for Voice and Tape
15. Sarah Davachi- Chorus Scene

Witches Brew- Episode 81

Run To The Light

1:00:01 minutes (109.89 MB)

1. Yoko Ono- Run, Run, Run
2. Alice Contrane- Spiritual Eternal
3. Patty Waters- Lonely Woman
4. Jeanne Lee- Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
5. Emtidi- Touch the Sun
6. Emmanuelle Parrenin- Ce Matin A Fremontel
7. Bridget St. John- I Don't Know If I Can Take It
8. Nico- I'll Keep It With Mine
9. Linda Hoover- 4+20
10. Valerie Carter- Face of Appalachia
11. Barbara Keith- The Road I Took to You
12. Judee Sill- Abracadabra
13. Elyse Weinberg- My My My
14. Maggie + Suzzy Roche- Who Cares

Witches Brew- Episode 80

What A Trip

59:57 minutes (109.79 MB)

1. Aguaturbia- Baby It's You
2. Dara Puspita- Bertamasja
3. The Fatimas- Sandstorm
4. Ros Serey Sothea- Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy (I'm 16)
5. Os Cacsulas- A Moca do Karmann Ghia Vermelho
6. Fairport Convention- Autopsy
7. Fifty Foot Hose- If Not This Time
8. Comus- The Herald
9. The United States of America- Cloud Song
10. Trees- Nothing Special
11. Os Mutantes- Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour
12. Linda Perhacs- Delicious
13. Susan Christie- Rainy Day
14. Judee Sill- The Kiss

Witches Brew- Episode 79


1:00:16 minutes (110.35 MB)

1. Emily Remler- Look To The Sky
2. Mary Halvorson- Platform
3. Rokia Traore'- Laidu
4. Amaria Hamadalher- Tarhanine
5. Elizabeth Cotten- I'm Going Away
6. Janel Leppin + Susan Alcorn- Gilmore Blue
7. Marissa Anderson- Lament
8. Sarah Louise- Evidence of a Bear
9. Selda Bagcan- Bundan Sonra
10. Souad Massi- Ghir Enta
11. Reinette L'oranaise- Aadrouni Ya Sadate
12. Rita Payes + Elisabeth Roma- Drume Negrita

Witches Brew- Episode 78

Private Press

56:39 minutes (103.72 MB)

1. Cheri Adams- Give
2. Mary Love-Comer- The Price
3. Carrie Cleveland- Love Will Set You Free
4. Jan Terri- Get Down Goblin
5. Marth Sisters- I Came to Praise the Lord
6. The Tonettes- I Gotta Know
7. Shirley Spencer- Dance With Love
8. Susan King- Morning
9. Mary L. Hopper- A Letter to His Wife
10. The MSR Singers- I'm Just the Other Woman
11. Dora Hall- Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
12. Kenny Brent + Donna Harris- Shadows of You
13. June Spaulding- Day By Day
14. Female Species- Till the Moon Don't Shine
15. The Khalsa String Band- Song of Bliss
16. Deby De Armitt- Listen to Me

Witches Brew- Episode 77

Turn Up the Bass

59:19 minutes (108.63 MB)

1. Black Box- Ride on Time
2. Donna Summer- Bad Girls
3. Robin S- Love for Love
4. Chaka Khan- I Feel for You
5. ANOHNI- One
6. Dharma- Plastic Doll
7. Shirley Lites- Heat You Up (Melt You Down)
8. Crystal Waters- Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)
9. Kylie Minogue- Can't Get You out of My Head
10. Alice Deejay- Better Off Alone
11. Corona- The Rhythm of the Night

Witches Brew- Episode 76


58:23 minutes (106.9 MB)

1. Karla Borecky- Still in Your Pocket
2. Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch- Ravage (Solo Piano Edit)
3. Nico- Afraid
4. Vashti Bunyan- Hidden
5. Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou- The Homeless Wanderer
6. Annette Peacock- Weightless
7. Patty Waters- Touched by Rodin in a Paris Museum
8. Nina Simone- Who Am I?

Witches Brew- Episode 75

Love Drunk

59:00 minutes (108.03 MB)

1. Nancy Wilson- (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
2. Barbara Lewis- Hello Stranger
3. Marva Whitney- Nothing I'd Rather Be (Than Your Weakness)
4. Eunice Collins- At the Hotel
5. Shirley Butler- 16 Candles
6. Penny + The Quarters- You Are Giving Me Some Other Love
7. The Four Darlings- Baby Your Love is Amazing
8. Jackie Shane- New Way of Lovin'
9. Linda Ballentine- Glad About That
10. Zilla Mayes- All I Want is You
11. Ida Sands- Prophesize
12. Carla Thomas- Stop! Look What You're Doing
13. Fontella Bass- This Would Make Me Happy
14. Bessie Banks- Go Now
15. Barbara + The Browns- My Lover
16. Helene Smith- Pain in My Heart
17. Carroll Lloyd + Raymond Moore- Try My Love
18. Dreamliners- Just Me and You
19. The Shirelles- The Dance is Over
20. Irma Thomas- Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)

Witches Brew- Episode 74


59:00 minutes (108.03 MB)

1. Carpenters- Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
2. Ella Fitzgerald- Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer
3. Connie Converse- Father Neptune
4. Linda Perhacs- Song of the Planets
5. Asha Puthli- Space Talk
6. Annette Peacock- Solar System
7. Patti Smith- Tarkovsky (The Second Stop Is Jupiter)
8. Jeanne Lee + Ran Blake- Corcovado
9. Alice Coltrane- Galaxy in Turiya
10. Mary Halvorson- Moonburn
11. Karla Borecky- The Passing of Clouds

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