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YM 2019.10 Zakir Hussain jazz collaborations

1:59:59 minutes (164.77 MB)

Indian tabla master Zakir Hussain collaborates with several veteran jazz musicians

YM 2019.9 June Millington

1:59:55 minutes (79.56 MB)

Feminist folk-rocker June Millington with her sister, Jean Millington and their 1970's group, Fanny, and more recent solo studio recordings of June

Your Music Gil Scot Heron

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

live and studio recordings of jazz-poet/ "Bluesologist" Gil Scot Heron

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2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

YM Stella Chiweshe and Sona Jobarteh

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

1st hour; Stella Chiweshe, Zimbabwean Mbira artist
2nd hour; Sona Jobarteh , Gambian Kora artist

Your Music Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

2:00:00 minutes (164.78 MB)

concert and television performances by legendary Blues duo Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

Your Music Oliver Mtukuzi

1:59:58 minutes (164.76 MB)

Concert recordings of the late Zimbabwean musician and activist Oliver Mtukuzi

Your Music Mohini Dey

1:59:56 minutes (164.69 MB)

2 hours of jazz fusion featuring Indian bass virtuoso, Mohini Dey

Your Music 2018 Afro-rock, funk, and Pop retrospective

1:59:59 minutes (164.79 MB)

A survey of Black funk-rock artists from several decades and several countries (and not just the men).

Your Music 2018 Gamelon, featuring Nori Bucci

1:59:59 minutes (164.78 MB)

Gamelon was a jazz-fusion band from ther Buffalo, New York area that performed and toured, locally for more than a decade until 2012. They featured a succession of excellent lead guitarists, including Nori Bucci, who also wrote much of their material.

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