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YM 2018 Women in Rock in the 1960's

2:00:00 minutes (164.8 MB)

A look at women's contributions to Rock in the 1960's world wide, including well-known and lesser-known artists , both all-female bands, and women-fronted or led bands, with acknowledgement to the mother of Rock, Sister Rosetta Tharp

Your Music 2018 Roy Clark

1:59:56 minutes (164.7 MB)

Retrospective on the late great Roy Clark

Your Music 2018 Pink Floyd at the Hollywood Bowl

1:59:58 minutes (164.75 MB)

196? live-recorded ( sound board) Pink Floyd performing at the Hollywood Bowl

Your Music 2018 Fareed Haque

1:59:59 minutes (80.07 MB)

Featuring Jazz and classical guitarist Fareed Haque

Your Music 2018 Zakir Hussein and Rakesh Chaurasia

1:03:17 minutes (86.91 MB)

Master Tabla artist Zakir Hussein teams up with Northern Indian classical flautist Rakesh Chaurasia

Your Music 2018 Sweet Honey In The Rock

1:00:39 minutes (41.19 MB)

Multi-generational social justice-oriented women's a capella group Sweet Honey In The Rock

Your Music 2018 Brazilian Guitar

1:59:53 minutes (74.56 MB)

Music from various Brazilian classical and Jazz guitarists

YM 2018 Buddy Rich and Diana Krall

1:59:58 minutes (164.74 MB)

Music from jazz percussionist Buddy Rich, and jazz vocalist Diana Krall

Your Music 2018 Rashan Roland Kirk

1:59:58 minutes (164.75 MB)

A retrospective of Columbus-based Jazz innovator Rashan Roland Kirk, who was reknown for playing 3 saxophones at once, as well as for his excellent music

Your Music 2018 Muna Zul and Music of Laurel Canyon

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

Mexican a capella trio Muna Zul and a special ensemble performance by artists at the 2018 Delfest featuring music by composers who lived in Los Angeles' famed Laurel Canyon

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