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DJBC Happy Hour To Celebrate City's Bicentennial


Bryan Curtiss, Host/Executive Producer
(614) 377-9333

January 26, 2012

Columbus Radio Show To Celebrate City’s Bicentennial In Two-Part Show

COLUMBUS. “The DJBC Happy Hour” radio program will celebrate the 200-year history of Columbus in a creative way with a two-part show, on January 30 and February 6.

The January 30 show will take a look back at Columbus’s past, and Curtiss will share some of the history of the city.

The February 6 program will preview upcoming Bicentennial Celebrations, including the Bicentennial Celebrations taking place from February 10 through 15.

“The Bicentennial Celebration is a big collaborative between so many communities and organizations, and this show cannot bypass recognizing the Bicentennial celebration before the actual date of the Bicentennial,” Curtiss added. The actual date of the Bicentennial is February 14, which is also Valentine’s Day.

There will be spoofs of current and former Columbus culture in both programs in sketches that are still in development.

“I got the idea for this when making fake historic commercials for the holiday shows, some of which were about Columbus,” Curtiss remarked. “I decided, ‘Why not make fake Columbus commercials for the Bicentennial?”

Other Bicentennial-themed shows will include “Christmas in Columbus”, which will air sometime in December; the Summer Preview Show, covering Summer Events in Columbus; “Songs from 1976”, which will be dedicated to songs from 1976, the American Bicentennial year, but will feature Columbus-themed clips, and “The 12th Annual Bryan Awards”, which will air over three weeks beginning August 27.

“‘The Bryan Awards’ this year will have references to Columbus thrown into the show, given the city’s 200th year,” Curtiss explained.

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