BSA Hip Hop Wes Flexner Podcasts Better Jawns In Our Kommunity

Wes Flexner discusses Elijah Mcclain, veganism + reproductive freedom, and the rap he considers classic. I haven't figured out audio html.
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Wes Flexner Rock N Roll Show September 1, 2021

wesflexner's rock n roll show sept 1, 2021
Rest In Peace Lee Scratch Perry
elijah mcclain's murderers were indicted
deloused didn't happen this week
Lee "Scratch" Perry & the Spacewave - Punk Reggae Party
lee scratch perry newest album

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 8-25-21

wesflexner's rock n roll show
wednesdays 7pm 92.7/ 98.3

Turnstile - Mystery
RL Burnside - Jumper on The Line
wesflexner isn't playing this week's wcrsfm event
wcrs invited him
there isn't conflict with the station
Turnstile - No Suprise
Superchunk - Drool Collection
Snarls - Better Off
wesflexner won't attend Superchunk
DJ Assault - Ass + Titties
a shower was vaccine's prelude
wesflexner showers and carries a vaccination card
RJD2- Rules For Normal Living
Apollo Hubbard
probably won't attend wilco
GBV - Salty Salute
Yves Tumor - Secrecy
ani difranco appreciation 2021
nu wave righteous babes

WCRS Fundraiser Saturday 8/28/2021

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SATURDAY 8.28.21 2-11PM
Many Voices, One Station is happening soon!

WCRS FM 92.7/98.3 has a benefit on August 28th in the Brewery District at @doublehappiness4ever
There will be DJ Sets from WCRS DJ/Producers.

Line-Up is on fire
Dj Cat Socks

DJ Frizzy Mike

Damian Phillips @dplstv

Tim Blender @turnitupradio

DJ Aloha

DJ Icy J • Progressive Grind

DJ JC Lozada @djjclozada

DJ Prime @prime237

Masks ARE Required Indoors.
$ 10 Suggested Donation (you won't be turned away due to lack of funds)

482 S. Front St., Brewery District


Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 8-19-2021

wesflexner's rock n roll show
wednesdays 7pm 92.7/ 98.3

TV On the Radio - Bomb Yourself
John Williams- The Imperial March
Gap Mangione - Diana in the Autumn Wind
Immortal Technique w Mos Def w Eminem - Bin Ladin
ANON - Michael Moore Knows Like I Know
george bush's final approval rating was 22 percent
RL Burnside - Greyhound Bus Station
King of Hearts- Camu
Turnstile - Mystery
RJD2 - Rules for Normal Living
Yves Tumor
Express Rising - Neighborhood
Turnstile - No Surprise
Earth + Fire - Memories
again: george bush's final approval rating was 22 percent
Killed in Action - Bring Back The Old School Malls
Black Sabbath - War Pigs

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 8-11-2021

wesflexner's rock n roll show
wednesdays 7pm 92.7/ 98.3

Kool + the Gang - You Don't Have to Change
Turnstile - Mystery
Supreme Team - Nation's Anthem
Metallica- Shortest Straw
Anthrax - Indians
Iron Maiden - Run
Bill Moss - Number One
Junior Kimbrough - Meet
Camu - Play Around
Turnstile - No Surprise
Cee Lo- Don't Chu
Yves Tumor - Gospel For A New Century
Mouse on Mars w Mark E Smith - Von Sudenfield
Bnny- August
Ani Difranco - Revolutionary Love

ANON BSA - Michael Moore Knows Like I Know

ANON- Michael Moore Knows Like I Know:

BSA Rap layered Michael Moore's discussion of our United States of America as a "left-wing" country over Cam'Ron's instrumental

Voting Agrees
Although I'm optimistic, our country appears as if it's in complete discombobulation:
1-06-2021, voter suppression, vaccine reluctance amidst a surge in covid
A reminder to our leaders
Ideals of our Country:
Freedom, liberty, justice, equality and opportunity
The only correct response to a social revolution is an improved environment
If things genuinely occur then a better country will result from putting a plan into effect
Improved is an option

thurz 7pm
BSA Hip Hop

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 7-28-2021

wesflexner's rock n roll show
wednesdays 7pm 92.7/ 98.3

Black Sabbath - Sweat Leaf Alternative Version
Anon BSA - Michael Moore Knows Like I Know
Erykah Badu - & On
Turnstile - Mystery
Camu Tao - Play Run
R.L. Burnside - Poor Boy Along Way From Home
Sanchez - One In A Million
Dexter Wansel - New Beginning
Black Keys - Going Down South
RJd2 - Rules For Normal Living
Yves Tumor - Jackie
ZZ Top - I Gotsta Get Paid
Cee Lo -Baby Don't Chu
Rashaan Roland Kirk - Bright Moments.

Wes Flexner's RockRoll Show 7-21-2021

7pm wednesdays

punk rock girls romantic
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....................................................i don't know if turnstile likes dead milkmen
where from wesflexner
Hip Hop Is Krautrock's Primary Influence 3
women aggressors
don't know if ani difranco likes the dead milkman
wesflexner eats vegan pizza locally

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