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Wes Flexner's Rocknroll Show
92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org
7 pm wednesdays

Unkle w Th0m Yorke- Rabbit in Your Headlights
Futura- Escapades of Futura
Bright Eyes + Phoebe Bridgers - St. Ides Heaven
King Tee - St. Ides Commercial
PBJ - Young Folks
Revs - The Turtle
Turnstile - Sailin
Turnstile - Mystery
Awakening - Set The Nasdaq on Fire
Black Thought- On the Go Freestyle
Black Thought w DangerMouse
w Joey Bad A$$ w Russ W Dylan Cartlidge -Because
Parquet - Normalization
Black Keys - Happiness
Sylvie Mix - Too Far
Beastie Boys - Bad Brains


wednesdays 7pm
anonrocknroll st. ides heaven
92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org

J-Rawls- Trust
rjd2 - itch ditch mission
municipal waste - poser disposer
son of dribble
Turnstile- Sailin
Killed in Action - C.R.A.A.C.
Winona Judd w Waxahatchee - Other side
Hank Williams JR. - Georgia Woman
lucero - Noon As Dark As Midnight
Elliot Smith - St. Ides Heaven
EPMD - St. Ides Commercial
Black Keys - Happiness
Black Thought + Danger Mouse - No Gold Teeth
The Smile - Thin Thing

Wesley Anon Flexner RockNRoll 5-25-2022

Wednesdays 7pm

Vile Gash
Turnstile - Sailin
Freaky Franz Nardwuar Turnstile Legion of Doom Mention
Winona Judd + Waxahatchie - Other Side
Turnstile - No Surpise
Vomitrocity - Sex Dedication
The Missed - Summer Girl
Scrotum Grinder - Gold
Killed in Action - Columbus Represents At All Costs
Atomic Bomb Band live from Fallon - Fantastic Man
Tyler, The Creator - Massa
Noam Chomsky's Statement Supporting Russians who oppose the war in Ukraine
The Smile- Thin Thing
The Black Keys - It Ain't Over
Pillowtalk - Yeah

Noam Chomsky's DSA Statement Opposing the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Noam Chomsky spoke with the DSA regarding his support of Russians who oppose the invasion of Ukraine.


Anonrocknroll 5-18-2022

7pm Wednesdays 92.7/98.3

Revs - Poetry Song
Jerry Butler - Take The Time To Tell Her
Ceremony - Let Me Walk
The Smile - Thin Thing
Truth Kult - Shout Away
Tin Huey - Hump Day
Black Keys - It Ain't Over
Tony's Theme - Morodor
Turnstile - Sailin On
Arcade Fire - Lighting
Marvin Gaye - I Want You
J - Rawls - Grand
Riki - It's No Secret
Malcolm McLaren - Duck For Oyster


Wes Anon Flex
Wednesday 7pm 92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org

Blank Dogs - The Threes
Giorgio Morodor - Midnight Express
Tin Huey - Cuyahoga Creeping Bent
Black Keys - It Ain't Over
Riki - Marigold
Boogie Down Productions - Build + Destroy
Anthony King + John Mathews - Pots And Pans
New Order - Rebel
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster
The Smile - Free in the Knowledge
Turnstile - Underwater Boi
Diplo - A Devil Between Us
Gecs- Ringtone
DJ Assault -Ass + Titties

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show April 27, 2022

Wes anonrock.com Flexner
92.7 /98.3
7pm Wednesdays

The Smile - Free In The Knowledge
Boogie Down Productions - Build + Destroy
Spiritualized - The Mainline Song
Anthony King, and John Mathews - Pots N Pans
Pusha T - Diet Coke
Cat Stevens - Was A Dog A Doughnut
Black Keys - It's Not Over
Black Keys - Wild Child
Turnstile - Sailin
Turnstile -Mystery
Frig A Go Go - High Society
Clifford Brown - Yesterdays
Las Bachas - Fantasmas Con Gangrena Sexual
Arcade Fire - Unconditional

Bus Stile Adventures - Diplomatic Cahiers

Bus Stile Adventures

Diplomatic Cahiers


Wes “ANON” Flexner

I don’t know if it’s supply and demand. I don’t know if it’s Covid.
I don’t know if Trump, and his friends are waging economic sanctions within our country for criticizing the January 6th attack. I don’t know if someone wants to punish Chairman of the Budget Committee Bernie Sanders for tweeting criticism of wealthy companies by name. I don’t know if this correlates with the raised wages at places like Kroger, and Walmart.

I don’t know if this correlates with the fact Russia invaded Ukraine. Our country is supplying Ukraine with weapons which appears there is some sort of conflict between our country and Russia.

I don’t know if Republican Governor Abbot blocking agriculture shipping which cost our country $240 million dollars had something do with with it.


Texas governor reversed this costly block which Texas Agriculture’s Commission called "Political Theater."

I can’t call myself Rosie The Riveter if the guy sanctioning The United States of America's economy is the governor of Texas.

I pay 62 dollars for a monthly COTA pass. While I’ve looked at BP’s gas drop price from over 4 dollars to 3.65.
I don’t eat that economic sanctions from Russia, Trump or the Q-Anon shamen.

My Bus pass costs 62 dollars a month.

If I am out later than 10....

I Lyft, Uber or Dublin Taxi home.

My new Litterature Engagee is Bus Stile Adventures. I finally recovered from Resistance writing to admit my graffiti name is ANON….if you haven’t known me for 20 years…or aren’t involved with graffiti history.

Recently, I walked outside my house. I wanted to purchase Aspirin. It was over $5 dollars at a corporate owned store.

I looked at my phone ...Whole Foods aspirin was under three dollars. I took the number 1 to the 33 and purchased aspirin.

I was in a good mood. It was Easter.

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show April 20, 2022

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll
April 20, 2022
7pm 92.7 / 98.3

David McCallumm - Edge
Flume- Sirens
J-Rawls - Grand
Captain Beefheart - Dropout Boogie
Pots And Pans - Anthony King + John Mathews
Boom Clap Bachelors - Tiden Flyer
Dinosaur Jr. - No Fun cover live @ The Summit Columbus, Ohio
Spiritualized - The Mainline Song
The Black Keys - Wild Child
Dave Brubeck - A Train
Soccer Mommy - Shotgun
Turnstile - Sailin
Riki - Florence + Selena
Las Bachas - Fantasmas Con Gangrena Sexual

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show April 13, 2022

Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org
7pm Wednesday

Ramp- Daylight
Las Bachas
Captain Beefheart - Dropout Boogie
J-Rawls - Jazz Hop
Killed in Action - C.R.A.A.C.
Vile Gash
Turnstile - Sailin
Turnstile - Mystery
Black Keys - Wild Child
The Charmels- All Long As I Got You
El Michaels Affair - Heaven + Hell
New Order- Rebel
Riki - Florence + Selena
Choir Boy - It's Over
Ronnie Laws - Tidal Wave

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