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# 476 - Columbus Is In Ohio

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Franklin County Issues/Candidates:
Issues - https://vote.franklincountyohio.gov/BOEL-website/media/Election-Info/2023/(3)%20General%20Election%20-%20November%207,%202023/(2)%20Candidates%20and%20Issues/2023-General-Certified-Questions-and-Issues-5.pdf

Candidates - https://vote.franklincountyohio.gov/BOEL-website/media/Election-Info/2023/(3)%20General%20Election%20-%20November%207,%202023/(2)%20Candidates%20and%20Issues/2023-General-Certified-Candidates-List-11.pdf

The Weekend Warrior - October 5, 2023

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Among the happenings this weekend:
The Columbus Italian Festival
Ohio State Homecoming Parade & Football Game
Fall Taco Festival
Into the Woods Festival
The Big Table

And more!

# 474 - It's Monday Night and Capital Still Sucks

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Tonight on the show:
- Recaps of the weekend for Ohio and Michigan
- Beat Capital Week
- International Podcast Day Preview

# 457 - The Lion in Springtime

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# 451 - 451 Degrees Fahrenheit Post-Crewsmas

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Tonight on the Show....

Events in the first two weeks of March.

The latest in the Schadenfreude known as Ohio State Basketball, and looking ahead to the Academy Awards, and what will NOT happen at this year's ceremony (Spoiler Alert).

# 447 - The One After The Big Ten Laid An Egg

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It's a New Year, but the Same DJBC Happy Hour.

- The College Football Playoff: What Went Wrong? Plus, the perfectly synced Midnight.
- DJBC Top 10 of 2022: What were the DJBC's 10 Favorite Shows of The DJBC Happy Hour in the past year?
- The Weekend Warrior: MLK Events, Last Call for Holiday Events, and the PCMA is in Columbus.

PCMA: http://www.experiencecolumbus.com/pcma

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