Christine Kozobarich of Ohio Communities United talks about building alliances among progressive activists


Christine Kozobarich recently joined Ohio Communities United as a lead organizer.

She agreed that environmentalism and social justice activism should be combined in order to build a bigger movement.
“That’s a very good way to come together for people who care about progressive issues. Sometimes we get so entrenched in our own issue that we’re working on at the moment that we don’t step back and see how it’s connected to things other people are working on.”

Kozobarich said building alliances that bring together a variety of causes reflects the reality of every day life.
“As Ohioans, we all need healthcare. We all need good jobs. We all need safe, secure communities. We all need a healthy environment to live in and raise our children in…We’re not one-issue communities.”

She said events such as the Stand Up For Ohio festival are ways for people to find common cause w/ one another, instead of being divided and conquered w/ wedge issues.