BSA Hip Hop Reviews: Questlove's Hip Hop is History

Ahmir Questlove Thompson wrote a book detailing the first 50 Years of Hip Hop. Questlove’s book: Hip Hop Is History.

Ahmir Questlove’s Thompson is the drummer for the Roots. Do you have a favorite Roots song? I’m biased towards the Roots song, The Next Movement. I find some of the lyrics empowering.

The Roots are headlining the Essence Festival at the Superdome in New Orleans as I type this review….

Questlove is the bandleader during the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Excuse me, Questlove is the music director for everyone’s dream late night show. Every time I look at this……I’m still impressed.

Questlove directed the Summer of Soul. Summer of Soul won an Academy Award in 2022 for Best Documentary, won a Grammy for Best Music Film and won Sundances Top Jury Prize in 2021.

Ahmir Thompson is a best-selling author for Mo Meta Blues, Music is History, Creative Quest, and The Rhythm of Time. He was nominated for A James Beard Award for somethingaboutfood.

Regardless if your favorite Roots joint is “The Next Movement,” “Clones,” “The Lesson Pt. 1” or another song, I wanted to remind everyone what the band sounds like who are running things in 2024.

This year the Roots have headlined Root’s Picnic festivals in LA, New Orleans, and of course an upcoming Roots Picnic in their native Philadelphia.

I was advised I shouldn’t quote Rappin' Duke.

Did I mention Questlove curated the Grammy’s 50 Year Hip Hop Celebration?’s-hip-hop-history-review

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