Bus Stile Activities: Sugarhill Gang & Furious Five Columbus Concert

Sugarhill Gang took the stage and rocked routines.We found ourselves involuntarily waving our hands, clapping, calling and responding. The entire room’s enthusiasm for Sugarhill Gang was sincere.

Sugarhill Gang has rocked parties, TV shows, arenas and stadiums since 1979. Wonder Mike shouted RIP Big Bank Hank. I’d forgot Big Bank Hank died in 2014.

I didn’t feel like a dick, sorta. But I did laugh at teenage me’s aversion of Sugarhill Gang. I don’t quite feel like I was guilty of Rockism.

I feel comfortable reporting Sugarhill Gang were extraordinary at late 70’s rap performance in 2024. Sugarhill Gang gave historical facts, denounced violence, and gave props in intervals while making everyone party.


Columbus Concert Community Commentary

BSA Hip Hop 7pm Thursday