pat radio - May 5, 2011

Lots of stuff goin' down musically tonight, tomorrow and Saturday night in Columbus. The Kyle Sowashes have a release party for their "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" 7" Saturday night at the Summit. Black Owls, Woosley Band, and the Harvest Kings are playing a Cinco de Mayo show tonight at the Treehouse. The Song Birds are releasing a cd at Ravari room on Friday. The Hot 17 is presenting Lord T & Eloise, The Town Monster, and Earwig at Kobo on Friday. Finally, on Saturday at Kobo, it's CMC Volunteer Appreciation night with Alert New London, New Tooth and Energy Clinic.

Next week, Saturday May 14, the Black Box Benefit is happening at Ruby Tuesday. Mors Ontologica is releasing two cds and a split 7" with Marvin the Robot.

So put on your galoshes and get out there!

Play List
Gibson Brothers - "The Sperm Count" from Dedicated Fool
Black Owls - "Glorious in Black" from June '71
The Woosley Band - "Echo Wheel" live at Electraplay
Harvest Kings - "Perfect" from Cardboard Crowns
The Salty Caramels - "Weasel"
The Song Birds - "Church Girl"
Earwig - "I Don't Want to Go" live at Electraplay
Alert New London - "Spoonfed"
The Town Monster - "B1G WH00P1N' 5K3L3T0N5 (I'm Not Guilty Anymore)" from EP 10 - October
Marvin the Robot - "Unremarkable" from The Loveiathan
Mors Ontologica - "Molly Merrill-Payne" from Hot Mess
The Kyle Sowashes - "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" from The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 7"
The Blind Eyes - "January" from Modernity