RJD2 Interview w BSA Hip Hop's Wes Flexner

BSA Hip Hop
7pm Thursday

Wes Flexner - Who is RJD2’s favorite Star Wars Character? In the other Playboy issue you are in, the cover is Star Wars, Al-Qaeda and sexy aliens. RJD2’s 1976 in a Playboy playlist with Cocktails. Who is your favorite Star Wars Character?

RJD2 - Favorite Star Wars character. It would probably be Bubba Fet.

WF - The Bounty Hunter

RJ - I always thought he was cool. He was mysterious. Not knowing what he looked like. The helmet was cool. As a kid I found that more intriguing than character profile of anyone else.

WF- He knew Billy Dee Williams.

RJ - They’re all cool. Billy Dee Williams is cool. Luke Skywalker was cool. Han Solo. If I had to pick a person and you saw their face, it would probably be Harrison Ford. He had an irreverence and smartassedness appeal to me.