Street Fight WCRS - 10 25 2012 What's your reason for not voting?

So this week we mostly covered voting. The treatment of the 3rd party shows these people have zero respect for the system they claim to love. We appreciate the efforts of the 3rd party and think their voice should be heard but as you can see the corporatocracy is not interested in that. Which is why we are proudly not voting.

We want to share the voice of the people are proudly not voting. We want you to contact us and tell us why you aren't voting. No one on this country is even discussing this issue so I guess once again it's up to Street Fight to take the reigns. The more people that don't vote the larger that number gets and we can take it as proof more people didn't vote than selected a single candidate.

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song and @TRAVI5TY for rapping on it. Send in a submission!

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