Street Fight WCRS - 3 21 13 Irack War, Pop War, and the "STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO" War

This week we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war by reminding everyone that all democrats and republicans were bloodthirsty maniacs at the time and no one gets to look back with disgust like they knew it was a bad idea the entire time.

We also took some time out to rub Miami's nose in it's own mess it's putting out against Ohio. If you're lucky you just may end up with a song from Brett next week about it.

We talked pop, because that's the name of soda. Then we talked about this new beating of the war drums against sugar. We decided that anyone who complains about the decisions of another person is an actual piece of garbage.

You're going to love it.

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song.

Thanks for listening we really appreciate it and while this show is free to download we ask that if you listened and enjoyed it you share with your friends online or in real life.

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