Street Fight WCRS - 4 11 13 We continue our assault on NPR and we talk about all the accidental racists we know

We started with a discussion about North Korea and our stance on it versus our competitor NPR. NPR seems safe, it's definitely boring enough to not seem like it's the truth but it's just another way to keep people in line with the goals of the murder and oppression machine.

This week we had to be the bearer of bad news for any non-white or non-male citizens that yes indeed the song Accidental Racist by Brad Paisley is what the majority of our kind believe. We don't like it or agree but we do know that viciously attacking their misguided attempts at opening up dialog is definitely not going to work and you're probably just fueling more sales at

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song.

Thanks for listening and we hope you will continue listening to us as we journey towards anarchy in Columbus! The show is free to download and all we ask of you is that if you listened and enjoyed it then tell someone about it!

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