Street Fight WCRS - 4 25 2013 We revisit Boston and spit at people who deserve it

This week we did a whole bunch of news. We normally work on regulating some of the smaller happenings of the world but there is too much going on.

We addressed our anti-conspiracy theory stance from last weeks show because we want people to talk about actual fake terror plots setup by the government.

Especially when there is lots of information about how the FBI interacted with the Tsarnaev brothers.

We were also very concerned about that army that showed up out of nowhere is Boston. We do know that we were definitely in the minority because Michael Grunwald would like to be treaded on more.

We talked about the government doing every thing they can to hinder business at farmers markets.

Finally we ended by coming out to do something to counter the type of filth Matt Yglesias is publishing over at slate. He believes that the deaths of almost 200 garment workers in Bangladesh is justified.

Street Fight exists to combat this

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song.

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