Street Fight WCRS - 4 4 2013 Don't bomb North Korea it's full of people, drug laws turning parents into criminals, how to handle a spanking

Since we haven't found any media outlets telling listeners that there's a bunch of people that will be killed in North Korea if we bomb them we wanted to remind you. There could even be a couple guys who say outrageous things but haven't been jailed yet just like us that could be killed and we don't want that. If that isn't enough then you should know that teachers and cops are killed by bombs and we love them in this country (well unless they're getting paid well or receiving benefits).

Blue Scholars - Blue School is the song in the middle

There are two parents in Florida who's children were taken away over displaying marijuana at a political rally and they decided to take them back. These are the type of circumstances that are completely created by the government and we know the outcome for these people isn't going to be good. Street Fight is not going to hint around about marijuana use when it sells ads and then chum it up with cops or celebrate our "freedoms" the way our competitors do. You should know this radio show is a mission to dismantle any system turning people into criminals.

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song.

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