Street Fight on WCRS - 8/30/2012 Republicans are the worst and we Interview Jim Jacobson about fashion

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So the republican national convention is absolutely consuming everything this week even our beloved twitter. So we had to talk about it, and as nice it would be to just ignore them we believe someone needs to be out there badmouthing them and pointing out the terrifying nature of screaming marching orders at an angry mob.

As a bonus one of our listeners Annette wrote in about her experience dating a Republican. It is super awesome.

The song in the middle is ♫ The Black Lips - Family Tree ♫ and it was requested by @Hipsterhugs from Jolt Radio and Radiate Fm. You can listen to his awesome show and mix of music on mixcloud

The second half was mainly an interview with Jim Jacobson. Who was actually very honest and forthcoming about what goes in to planning a candidates outfit. he was really nice but we're not sure most of what he said was true. Wouldn't be a first for this show.

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