Street Fight WCRS - 9/13/2012 Winning The Franchise Lottery With Business Dan The Freak Boy.

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Our new theme is getting hotter than ever! We got that Nordiq beat boomin' harder than your theme boomin' and now we got @TRAVI5TY in the booth laying down the truth. Please give @TRAVI5TY a follow for putting those lyrics down for us and for being awesome at twitterin'. If you wanna spit some bars over the beat then record it and get it to us. Easy as that.

So if you didn't know about Ace of Cups and the shows they put on you should now. Bryan went to the Nobunny concert Monday. You've heard him on here over the last year and the show lived up to every expectation and more.

We also hate to report that as our show increases in popularity the government and the banks are working to take down Street Fight. Capital one employee Jimmy Fallon has been following Brett on Twitter and then at the Nobunny show Bryan was introduced to Brett's replacement. This thing goes deep. We have no clue how long they've been planning this scheme. We'll keep you updated in the future as the fight continues.

Ben Swann made a splash again this week when he asked if the recent Libya attack is blowback! Check out his reality check this week. I have no clue how this guy is on the local news. We love Ben Swann!!

The second half of the show was dedicated to an interview and discussion regarding business with an old friend of ours Business Dan. He get's an A for effort but some of his plans need work. After the interview Brett and Bryan decided that a franchise lottery is probably the best way to spur more self made citizens in America.

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