Street Fight WCRS - Street Fight 2 21 2013 - Safety Cameras and An End To Junky Ass Garbage Rock N Roll

This week was a good one for bashing the local government. We covered Ohio but the same old shit is happening in your neck of the woods. Tell us about it!

The second half of the show will be offensive to almost everyone. We don't hate every classic band but there's no reason to ever talk about how amazing they are ever again. We get it, some parents told you they were great and the shirts are only $15 at Target plus you get pajama pants and a bank.

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a hierarchical pyramid that oppresses new bands so it is our duty to smash it.

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song.

Thanks for listening we really appreciate it and while this show is free to download we ask that if you listened and enjoyed it you share with your friends online or in real life.

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