Witches Brew- Episode 37

Sisters with Transistors

Track List
1. Suzanne Ciani- The First Wave- Birth of Venus
2. Lisa Bella Donna- Night Flights
3. The Space Lady- Synthesize Me
4. Delia Derbyshire- Moogies Bloogies
5. Bebe + Louis Barron- Battle With The Invisible Monster
6. Annette Peacock- I'm the One
7. Wendy Carlos + Rachel Elkind- Main Title (The Shining)
8. Maryanne Amacher- Excerpt from Stain
9. Pauline Oliveros- Body Stories
10. Ruth White- The Cat
11. Daphne Oram- Women's Hour
12. Laurie Spiegel- Riding the Storm
13. Clara Rockmore- The Swan