Conscious Voices #13 - CASA, photographer portrays Central America, and intuitive practitioner interprets archetypes

  • Artist: Rosi
  • Title: CV #13
  • Year: 2008
  • Length: 55:26 minutes (101.5 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 256Kbps (CBR)

Welcome to the Conscious Voices program. I'm your host Cynthia Rosi, and today we'll be hearing from the Development Director at CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates - about this amazing volunteer opportunity, from Bob Studzinski who's been around the world recording indigenous people and their societies from behind the lens, and intuitive Jenny Seek talks about the archetypes in the Tarot, and how they can be used for personal growth.
    Jeff Redfield heads up a very special volunteer program in Franklin County. The Court Appointed Special Advocates represent the child in court, and get to know the child through interviews and visits, so that their voices are heard. But this vital service is now under the gun. President Bush wants their VOCA funding for Homeland Security, and their Federal JAG funding is under threat. Even if you cannot donate your time as a CASA volunteer, writing to your Senator or Representative to insist that CASA gets its Federal JAG funding through HB5180 is a move that makes a difference. Visit the CASA website at to learn more.

Bob Studzinski speaks about his travels around the world, particularly Nicaragua which first captured his interest in the 1980s with its tremendous political foment. He journeyed there to check out the story behind the mainstream media's version of events, and tells a surprising tale of a tractor, a general, and an ice-cream truck.

Intuitive Jenny Seek interprets your dreams, and teaches how the tarot can be a tool for accessing your inner fears, as well as pointing up archetypes that may be predominant in your life. She can be reached for readings or for tarot teachings at 614-268-8951.