Conscious Voices #24 - Hosted by Eugene Beer with guest Brandy Zink. The Inauguration of President Obama.

56:19 minutes (77.35 MB)

Afro peace sign hairdo                Peace Ball at National Postal Museum      Code Pink, "Yes we Can Can end war"

In this special edition of The Conscious Voices Program, Eugene and Brandy travel to DC to capture the sounds and electrifying energy of President Obama's inauguration. We'll hear from people who traveled far and wide to participate in the event as well as from celebrities at the Inaugural Peace Ball that evening.  To view more photos (full-size), go to

Most memorable quote of the day:  While jam packed on the Metro with 2 million people headed for the inauguration festivities, when Sarah turned to an African American man standing next to her and exclaimed, "Isn't this day CRAZY!?", he replied, "Hell, no!  It's the last 200 years that have been crazy. THIS DAY IS JUST FINE!"


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