Bboys Steal Attention

  • Thursday 7-8pm
Hip Hop music in the purest form of liking your music, drawings, dancing, choice of music, style, clothes and politics.

Purist definition of BBOY/BGIRL is a breakdancer. I don’t breakdance. The term BBOY/BGIRL soon became synonymous with anyone involved with hip hop who stood in a BBOY/BGirl Stance which appears like a singular hug....Because said artist is proud of their rap, political views, clothing, shoes, piece, mixtape, dancing, boombox, scratches and/or haircut. We play HIP HOP music in which attracts attention regardless of release date/year. This music can be made by someone from New York in 1979, a California Skater in 2019 or yr. Neighbor in Columbus, Ohio now or 24 years ago.


BSA - Loves Rap

22:34 minutes (51.65 MB)

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