Bleaeck mixes


Avant post-grunge/ Dark Ambient, Instrumental (Lo-fi)
We are solo artist(s) who perform with acoustic and electric guitar adding electronic samples to create what is #BLEAECK!

...Music for expression, for mourning, for a continued existence as entropy ensues in "civilixyzation (end-game)"

Bleaeck started as a D.I.Y. prison outreach publication in August of 2015. This was in response to an international call for a Black September.

Over nearly a year some 16 micro-mailings were sent to political prisoners and prisoners of consciousness. The publication chronicled not only fictional shorts such as 'Conspiracy: Black Rainbow' [later the titular handle of Bleaeck's second mainstream release], 'Colx-Coxl' [the title of THUH's debut], anarchist-nihilixt-majik theory/philosophy, and also featured prisoners' responses.

The concept of the mailings was to create a dialogue through and across boundaries as well as endeavoring to affect cultural shift through the prison system especially with the historic national prison strike of 9-9-16.

Through that process, #BLEAECK developed as a media collective to continue to engage 'free-society.'


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