The Brown Table

QPOC talk radio

The BrownTable is Columbus' new place for Queer People of Color to gather and discuss a wide range of topics. Since all of the hosts of The BrownTable are QPOC, there will be a common theme of race, sexuality, and empowerment throughout all of our shows. Our goal is to raise the voices of the unheard in Columbus Ohio, and always stay hitting on the agenda of the privileged.
James Purtue is a firm believer of "the personal is political." He has a world view formed by sociological studies & life as a Queer Person of Color. He occasionally works with OutLook Ohio and is the Engagement Director for QueerMinded Media. As such, he has probably already asked you to be involved with our project. If not, then email him at so we can get you involved!

Cameron is a blogger, philosopher and urban Sociologist hailing from the Midwest. He is a lover of all things urban and a twerk team enthusiast. He is a big believer in the funk, ala George Clinton and believes whole heartedly that if you don't start none wont be none. Shout out to Lil John. When he's not sitting on someones porch eating chicken, you can find him at your nearest bougie black person spot waxing philosophic on empirical data, how Nietzsche really was an optimist all along, or angrily ranting about how white folks be crazy. He hates marshmallows and the word "Hotep" but makes a mean pot of spaghetti.
A true Sagittarius in every meaning. Kyle loves hard and keeps it real. He is a Patti LaBelle fanatic and an interior design junky. Not only does he keep it real, but he gives it to you straight. You always know exactly where he stands. He believes that love is truly the answer, and that life truly is what you make it.


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