Hot n Bothered: Cultivating Sustainable Resistance

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Hot N Bothered: Cultivating Sustainable Resistance covers a broad range of topics related to environmental justice and climate change as they pertain to life in Columbus and the state of Ohio. Specifically, we will hone in on the landscape of leftist politics and community organizing in Central Ohio and the implications that these subject areas have for the future of our Midwestern city as the climate crisis progresses. We will share worker’s stories, organizer’s challenges, and interview people involved in the intersecting racial, labor, and climate justice movements. Each show will balance hope and struggle, with a deep delve into the theoretical backgrounds of each month’s topic, followed by an interview, a reflection period, and some brief calls to action that listeners can feel empowered to participate in. Lastly, we want to break down institutional barriers that historically gate kept this knowledge - our coverage of social theories, history, and the future will be discussed in a way that is accessible to all listeners.

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