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pat radio - Sean Woosley, J.R. Fisher, We Used to Drink Together Records comp

59:45 minutes (82.06 MB)

Sean and J.R. play tracks from the comp they are putting out. Party next Friday at Ace of Cups.

pat radio - January 23, 2015

59:45 minutes (82.06 MB)

This is the first hour of a 90 minute podcast I did this week with Joel Treadway of If you want to listen to all of it, it's over at I'll probably put the last 30 minutes on next week's show. But!!! There's a 25th anniversary Cringe show happening at Double Happiness tonight that you should go to.

pat radio - April 24, 2015

59:30 minutes (81.72 MB)

Kyle Sowash is the guest this week. We hang out at Arby's and listen to music and chat.

pat radio - April 30, 2015

59:57 minutes (82.34 MB)

Brian Koscho, marketing director of Stuart's Opera House, joins me via phone to discuss the upcoming Nelsonville Music Festival. This program is edited to fit the time slot. If you want to hear the entire program, go to

pat radio - May 22, 2015

58:45 minutes (80.68 MB)

Craig Bell and John D Morton guest this week, via telephone. Full playlist and f-bomb version of this show is here.