Nelsonville Music Festival

pat radio - April 30, 2015

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Brian Koscho, marketing director of Stuart's Opera House, joins me via phone to discuss the upcoming Nelsonville Music Festival. This program is edited to fit the time slot. If you want to hear the entire program, go to

pat radio - June 13, 2013 Nelsonville Fest recordings

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Note: Replaying this one on January 2, 2015.

An hour of music I recorded at the Nelsonville Music Festival two weeks ago.

Wheels on Fire - Saturday, Porch Stage

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I don't know the song title. Sorry.

Sharon Van Etten - "Give Out", Main Stage, June 1, 2013, Nelsonville Music Festival

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a few pictures from Nelsonville Music Festival, Saturday

Rain once again put a damper on the headlining acts at the Nelsonville Music Festival Saturday night. Wilco did take the stage eventually, but by then I was snug in my back-up-plan hotel room.

Nelsonville Pro-Tip #2: Always have a back-up plan.

Most of the day was bright and full of sound, though. Here's a few snapshots. Audio snippets are coming in the next entry.

Wheels on Fire - Still my favorite Athens band, making their third consecutive appearance at the festival. A three-piece this time.

Jonathan Richman - Jonathan strummed, danced, and exhorted us to engage fully in life.

Sharon Van Etten - a much more personable and cheerful stage presence than her music would lead you to expect.

Calexico's Horn Players - I opted for this shot over the full band photo. These guys were good. Lots of sound checking and audio-tech strife prior to this brief but very good set on the main stage.

Nelsonville Music Festival - Friday

The Porch Stage was the place to be at the Nelsonville Music Festival, as a string of loud rockers of various genres took over after mid-day. There is a sampling of clips from various sets below.

The rain we had all been fretting about arrived in time to push the headliner, Cat Power, back to a 10:30 start. A fearless and soggy bunch took in her set and blistering sets by Screaming Females and the Reigning Sound.

Unfortunately The Coup had to abbreviate their set in order to get everything done before 2 a.m.

Rested (a bit), showered, back at it again...

Screaming Females - "Doom 84" from the Nelsonville Music Festival

7:20 minutes (6.72 MB)

Screaming Females was the highlight of last night's line-up in my opinion. Front-woman Marissa Paternoster shreds with wreckless abandon.

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