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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. January 15, 2018

27:21 minutes (33.82 MB)

This show takes time to recognize the contributions of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As we take time to reflect, we will highlight the MLK open house that takes place annually at The King Arts Complex, as well as other events that occur throughout the day in Columbus, Ohio. This segment was created to inspire youth leadership, action and involvement in the community by getting inspiration from Dr. King's leadership and actions.

Winter Tips and Toasty Tricks - January 8, 2018

28:03 minutes (25.68 MB)

Happy New Year from Youth Beat! With high winter winds, temperatures reaching below zero and biting snowfall, winter is one season that is tough to conquer. Host Iliana will show you both perspectives of winter, from an unhappy Texan to a joyful werewolf. Join us for some winter jams, snow-time trivia, and an overall good time.

The Most Wonderful Time - December 25, 2017

25:48 minutes (23.63 MB)

In this episode we hear from Upper Arlington students about their holiday traditions and opinions on school, and they share perspectives on eating disorders, Cleveland sports, and new-found responsibility.

Solstice - December 18, 2017

23:50 minutes (21.82 MB)

Youth Beat continues its series of programs highlighting the holidays, celebrations, and traditions of December. Tonight host Lyndsi presents stories and songs to celebrate the winter solstice.

December Celebrations - December 4, 2017

22:54 minutes (20.97 MB)

December is populated with a great deal of holidays. Tonight Youth Beat reports on traditions and celebrations that you may or may not be familiar with. Come explore Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanza, Bodhi Day and Boxing Day with us! Great music, great cultures and a musical recipe are in store!

The Thanksgiving Journey -1620 to Today - November 27, 2017

25:27 minutes (23.3 MB)

The Thanksgiving Journey: 1620 to Today - November 20, 2017

25:14 minutes (23.1 MB)

This week Youth Beat talks turkey! Tune in to live through the very first "Thanksgiving," then watch as it blossoms into a national holiday over 200 years later. Learn what the Pilgrims did and didn't eat, how a single woman saved Thanksgiving and how a Greek legend came to be a treasure centerpiece.

Communities within our Community - November 13, 2017

27:36 minutes (25.27 MB)

First, Positively Charged features Upper Arlington High School students talking about the Gay Straight Alliance and resources and support for youth. Ready for a road trip? We're excited to travel to the City of Whitehall where we learn about interesting happenings on the eastern edge of the Columbus Metro area. Tune in for this week's Creature Feature and words of wisdom from naturalist John Muir.

Honoring Our Veterans - November 6, 2017

26:50 minutes (24.58 MB)

This week's show honors our veterans. Learn some facts about Veterans Day and listen to some special music. Thank you to all the veterans for your service to our country!

All Hallow's Eve - October 30, 2017

12:00 minutes (10.99 MB)

All of the mystery, legend, and myth behind Halloween are brought to light in this special broadcast. Come learn about the history of Halloween! From an early Celtic religion to the massively popular holiday we now celebrate, Halloween has a rich culture and background all its own.

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