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All Hallow's Eve - October 30, 2017

12:00 minutes (10.99 MB)

All of the mystery, legend, and myth behind Halloween are brought to light in this special broadcast. Come learn about the history of Halloween! From an early Celtic religion to the massively popular holiday we now celebrate, Halloween has a rich culture and background all its own.

A Ghostly Gala - October 23, 2017

24:16 minutes (22.22 MB)

With Halloween closing in we take this week to explore all of the local haunts of Ohio. Hear first hand stories and famous tales, and learn where you yourself can watch history on repeat. From phantom trains to sounds from nowhere, come along with us, as we travel through Ohio's spookier stories.

Day of the Girl - October 16, 2017

28:19 minutes (25.92 MB)

What do Imani Works, Girl Up, Octavia's Friends, and the Role Model Magazine have in common? They are all organizations in the Columbus area that work to promote positive images and life opportunities for girls and women, both locally and internationally. Hear this episode in honor of the United Nations Day of the Girl. Hosted by Youth Beat's reporter Rebecca.

Unspoken Super Heroes - October 9, 2017

28:30 minutes (44.18 MB)

Linden McKinley STEM Academy students shine a light on the role models and support systems that exist within their school. Superman has nothing on these people.

Eastmoor's Impact - October 2, 2017

28:27 minutes (26.04 MB)

Students from the Impact Team, a volunteer group at Eastmoor Academy, share stories and lessons learned from five of the more than 50 community service activities they did last year. These include CAMP EA, a poverty simulation, Neighborhood Best Conference, work with Faith Mission, and a Habitat for Humanity Project. Giving back fills the 350 student participants with happiness and pride, which then fills the school with active, engaged students.

Better Days - September 25, 2017

29:51 minutes (27.34 MB)

Upper Arlington students remind us of the monumental effect a compliment, smile, laughter, and a bit of understanding can have on someone's day. Then, we hear from Justin Boggs, local block watch leader and former member of the Greater Hilltop Area Commission, who has played an instrumental role in helping his neighborhood become safer, healthier, and more united. He shares tips about how to build a better community and explains why it's so important for him to do so.

The Power of Soccer - September 11, 2017

27:17 minutes (37.24 MB)

Do you love soccer? This week, Columbus International Students inform us about the universal game of soccer. Soccer is not only a sport, it is much more to the players and the fans. From the local Columbus Crew to the Homeless World Cup, learn more about soccer and look at it in a new way.

Know Your Park CBus - September 4. 2017

29:10 minutes (26.71 MB)

Fall is fast approaching, and what better way to enjoy the season than to explore Columbus Metroparks. Learn what phenomenal resources our parks are, and get inspired to check them out! Also learn about the U.S. Forest Service, the Wayne National Forest, and urban forestry. We report directly from the Learn Your Park CBus event

Adjusting to College: Tips for a Successful Transition - August 21, 2017

27:32 minutes (25.21 MB)

How do you adjust to college life? Learn about living in the residence halls, getting involved, and other tips for a successful transition to college

Do Something - August 14, 2017

27:43 minutes (25.38 MB)

This week Youth Beat heads out into the community and features some local happenings and organizations. First we talk with Just Columbus Festival organizer Akeem from Whetstone High School about the student-organized conference held at Fort Hayes this spring. The conference featured sessions on social justice, the economy, youth radio, the environment, infant mortality, poverty, and more--and what we can do about it. We meet BE the Brand folks who inspire us all to be our true selves. We also celebrate National Park Rx Day by taking a hike to Chadwick Arboretum on the OSU campus. Spending time outdoors this summer? We learn about Leave No Trace principles and how we can be more respectful of outdoor environments.

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