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Bushalte Stelle Abenteuer - Kraftwerk

Bushalte Stelle Abenteuer - Kraftwerk
By Wes Flexner aka anonanonanon

I received an email. Kraftwerk at Express Live Friday May 17. I pondered….who would open for Kraftwerk?

A quick web browsing determined Kraftwerk performs for two hours, prompt without openers. Kraftwerk is one of the groups who invented everything. Kraftwerk influenced Juan Atkins and his friends who invented Techno in Detroit.
One of my favorite definitions of Hip Hop from Ego Trip Magazine Book Of Rap Lists I couldn’t find online. Kraftwerk’s influence on Afrika Bambaataa allows a joke about Hip Hop being invented in 1970 Germany. I don’t know Kraftwerk’s opinions about factology.


5-22-2024 playlist
7 pm Wednesday

Sinkane - Home w Hollie Cooke
Kraftwerk - Radioland
Rush - Spirit of the Radio
Black Keys - This is Nowhere
Siak Phd - 2020 Vision
anonrocknroll- bell hooks express
dilla - dillatronic 2016
Kraftwerk - The Model
deathly fighter - contactors
Kraftwerk - Tour De France
black keys - beautiful
Latitia James Washington DC ACLU
Al Bara-em - Salem

columbus community

anonrocknroll 5-15-2024

Sinkane - Home w Hollie Cooke
Big Black - The Model
Kraftwerk - Spacelab
LL Cool J- You'll Rock
Stereolab - Olv 26
Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Black Keys - Nowwhere
Latitia James Washington DC ACLU
Siak PHD - You, Me and TB
Deathly Fighter - Contactors

7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

anonrocknroll 5-1-2024

devo - ohio
black keys- this is nowhere
Washington DC ACLU Speech Latitia James
Drake - Push Ups
Kendrick Lamar - Euphoria
The Weeknd - The Zone w Drake
The Weeknd - Sidewalks w Kendrick Lamar
Black Keys - I Forgot 2 Be Yr. Lover
Hutch - I Choose You
Sinkane - We Belong
The Weeknd w Taylor Swift

92.7 / 98.3
7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

anonrocknroll April 24, 2024

92.7 / 98.3
7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

Fuerza X
Love- Doggone
Latitia James ACLU
Ringo Starr - February Sky
Nx Worries - 86 Sentry
Black Keys - Beautiful People
Cumbia de Sal- Cumbia en Moog
Black Keys - I Forgot to Love You
The Shacks & El Michels Affair - No Surprise
Sinkane - Come Together
RJD2 - Through it All w Jamie Lidell
Blueprint - Fix Your Own Plate
Blueprint - Tough Times Don't Last

anonrockroll 4-17-2024

92.7 / 98.3
7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

Future w Weeknd - We Still Don't Trust You
Showbiz w AG - Party Groove
Joan Baez w Morricone - Sacco & Vanzetti
The Gap Band - Yearning For Your Love
Bad Brains - Sailin
Winston Hightower - Deadbeat At Dawn
Nx Worries - 86 Sentry
Calvin Johnson - Gallo's Wine
Sinkane - Come Together
Erica Dawn Lyle w Raincoats w Vice Cooler - Agave
Kamala Harris Protect Your Kneck El Michael's Affair
Future w Playboy Carti - Type Ish
Black Keys - Beautiful People
William Bell - I Forgot To Be Your Lover
Black Keys - This is Nowhere
Lil Jon - Relieve Anxiety

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 4-10-2024

aclu 3-26-2024 pills pills pills
margo guryan - moon ride
winston hightower - deadbeat by dawn
Ahmad Jamal Trio- I Love Music
Aesop Rock w Hanni Khatib - kyanite
snail mail - 2 most beautiful girl in town
black keys - beautiful people
erica dawn lyle w Kathleen hanna w vice cooler - mirrorball
Kim gordan - bye bye
black keys w beck - nowhere
andre 3000 - ninety three 'til infinity and beyoncé
latitia james 3-26-2024 aclu

92.7 / 98.3
7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

Bus Style Activities: WASHINGTON DC: ACLU SCOTUS Protest 3-26-2024

I received an email: American Civil Liberties Union organized a protest at the Supreme Court in defense of reproductive freedom.

People could ride a bus from Ohio into DC for ACLU’s Supreme Court rally, 3-26-2024.

Supreme Court were taking arguments which would ban abortion pills….

I’m pro-choice.

I looked at the email about ACLU’s Capital City protest…

I could jump on a bus in Columbus, Ohio…3/26/2024

The bus would drop us off at the Capital Building 3/26/2024.

I hadn’t visited Washington D.C. since 2013.

In 2013, I didn’t know Trump would run for president in 2016.

in 2013, I didn’t know anything about Trump.

I knew Trump owned Trump Towers.

R. Kelly lived at Trump Towers.

I wasn’t into Trump. I didn’t like R. Kelly urinating on little girls.

I didn’t think I had input in regards of Donald Trump’s pedophilia enabling.

In 2013, I didn’t know Trump would organize white supremists in an attack on the Capital January 6, 2021.

in 2013, I didn’t know Trump would use R. Kelly’s publicist to harass election workers in 2020.

I still don’t think R. Kelly’s publicist should’ve advised peeing on little girls.

I looked at the calendar…


In 2013, I didn’t know Trump would make abortion illegal with his choices for Supreme Court.

I could ride a bus into Washington DC for American Civli Liberties Union Rally in support of Reproductive Freedom.

We left in around midnight.

We arrived in the morning.

I watched the various speakers discuss reproductive bans affecting their lives.

I watched various speakers announce abortion’s popularity with voters.

I agreed the majority of people support abortion.

Women cheered and applauded.

A man ran into the audience with a bible and yelled something…

We experienced counter protests by people who oppose reproductive freedom.

One group of people were screaming anti-choice statements…..

anonrockroll April 5th, 2024

92.7 / 98.3
7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

moor mother w kyle kidd- liverpool wins
sinkane - come
devo - satisfication
badbadnotgood - fall in
black keys - nowhere
ribbon stage - nowhere fast
armand hammer - doves
make up - save yourself
winstonhightower -insubordination rules
kim gordon - bye bye
courtney love- 2nd most beautiful girl in the world
black keys - beautiful people
calvin johnson - when the weekend comes around

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