Andy Ginther

# 172: The DJBC Happy Hour Goes To the Movies 1601

59:57 minutes (54.89 MB)

Tonight on the show:
- A recap of the Golden Globes. Is this the year that Leonardo DiCaprio wins it all? Winners from TV and Film
- BAFTA & SAG Nominations
- Who are the last two in for Best Picture? Who are the first films out?

Plus, why the Bengals should fire Marvin Lewis.

- Community Meeting (Thursday January 14, 6:15PM - Driving Park Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library: 1422 E. Livingston Ave., Driving Park)
- Six in the City (Thursday January 14, 5:30PM - Columbus Museum of Art: 480 E. Broad St., Discovery District)

The Other Side of The News Sept 7, 2015-Protest at Ginther fundraiser

29:19 minutes (26.85 MB)

Bob Fitrakis & Ruben Herrera speak about an upcoming protest.

The Other Side of the News July 6, 2015 - Reform Columbus City Council

29:30 minutes (27.02 MB)

Bob speaks with Jonathan Beard about the submission of petitions to reform Columbus City Council with a ward system and campaign finance reform.

The Other Side of the News June 21, 2015 - Andy Ginther Must Resign

29:51 minutes (27.33 MB)

Bob and Michael discuss the bribes and cover-ups of Andrew Ginther, Columbus City Council President, and that he should resign.

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