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2019 Early Voting PSA (to November 4, 2019)

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Early Voting PSA (to November 2)

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The Ghosts of Columbus Past

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idUS: A Meeting of the Creative Minds (REVISED with Political Corner)

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A Revised Version of "idUS: A Meeting of the Columbus Creative Class"...

Remaining idUS events include:
- FFOCOL (tonight through Thursday at the Gateway Film Center)
- Innovate Columbus with Dr. Richard Florida, Dr. Sir Ken Robinson, and Dr. Jeff Dyer (Thursday at TechColumbus)
- CoLab (Saturday at TechColumbus)
- TEDX (Wednesday at COSI)
- The Creative Mind with Sergio Marchione & John C. Jay (Monday at the Wexner Center)

Fake Commercials/Promos this week:
- Columbus Innovation (from 1984)
- Saturday Night in Columbus (from 1955)

Song This Week:
- Excerpt from "Columbus- Super Sexy City" from The 12th Annual Bryan Awards (broadcast during the third hour of the ceremony)

Political Corner talks about Early Voting and recaps Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney (R, Massachusetts) latest visit to Westerville. The first of three Presidential Debates in Wednesday at 9PM ET (from Denver). The Ohio U.S. Senate Debate is October 18th.

Upcoming DJBC Happy Hours:
- Next Week: "The Ghosts of Columbus Past" (abridged) plus Another Political Corner
- October 15: "Networking 102" (abridged) plus Political Corner
- October 22: Halloween-themed show plus Political Corner
- October 29: Election Preview
- November 5: Tribute to Hal David/Andy Williams/Marvin Hamlisch (could be abridged to accommodate another Political Corner)
- November 12: Election Recap
- November 19: Thanksgiving Show/Ohio State-Michigan Preview II

The Other Side of the News - Sept. 1, 2012

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Bob and Connie discuss the judge's ruling in favor of early voting and the Republican convention, including a conversation about forcible rape

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