The Dispatch article was a boon to WCRS awareness efforts

The Dispatch ran an article on us in both the Dispatch itself and in ThisWeek. We bought some FaceBook adverts and over 30,000 folks saw the post and about 10% read the article itself. WCRS ended up with 1000 more likes on our FaceBook page!

Networking 108: Three Jabs and A Right Hook

59:31 minutes (54.5 MB)

Tonight on the Show:
- More Tumblr tips
- A look at the book "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook" by Gary Vaynerchuk
- Blogging Terminology
- What Is Blogging?
- What Are Blogs That The DJBC follows that are NOT his own?

Game 6, perhaps the final Columbus Blue Jackets game of the season (and also at Nationwide Arena). #WeAreThe5thLine #CarryTheFlag #GoJacketsGo

Networking 106: The Power of Social Media (DJBC Happy Hour Classic)

58:21 minutes (53.42 MB)

Tonight on the show (originally broadcast on November 18, 2013), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (with a "how-to" on using the blogging site), and LinkedIn are discussed, and Raff Romanowski & Chelsea Waters (of the Entertainment show "Coming Soon") talk about Hashtags.

Networking 106: The Power of Social Media

58:48 minutes (53.84 MB)

Tonight on the show, it's all about networking as The DJBC talks about:
- Twitter
- Facebook
- LinkedIn
- Blogging (with a walk through Tumblr)

The Other Side of News - June 10, 2013

29:57 minutes (27.42 MB)

Bob Fitrakis and Gerry Bello of the Free Press discuss the NSA and the spying apparatus on regular citizens through the internet and their celllphones

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