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Conscious Voices Save Medicaid, and an interview with Wriply Benet, one of the Black Pride 4

1:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

The Ohio state senate may try to override Governor Kasich's veto of an item in the state budget bill that would drastically cut Medicaid. Audio from a Columbus rally to save Medicaid featuring Rev. William Barber.
Also, a feature-length interview with Wriply Benet, one of the 4 people arrested for staging a civil disobedience action at the Pride parade to draw attention both to the killings of Black and Brown trans people, and police violence against Black and Brown folks in general.

Conscious Voices Sanders health care rally in Columbus, June 26, 2017

59:44 minutes (54.69 MB)

Bernie Sanders held a rally to oppose the latest Republican bill to slash Medicaid. Full speech here.

concious voices post-flood frack spills in colorado

59:35 minutes (54.56 MB)

some discussion about the Affordable Health Care act, frack spills in Colorado after trhe floods, and part 1 of a WMMT documentary on Fracking

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