JP Marat - Modern Jazz Quartet - Blues at Carnegie Hall

48:39 minutes (66.81 MB)

Classic Marat - Soulful Songs Volume 1

SOULFUL SONGS - Volume 1 "Midnight Train to Georgia" - by Gladys Night and the Pips "I Try" - Macy Gray "I Say a Little Prayer" - Aretha Franklin "Sarah Smile" - Hall and Oates "She’s Gone"- Hall and Oates "One of a Kind Love Affair" - The Spinners "When a Man Loves a Woman" - Percy Sledge "Destination Anywhere" - The Commitments Soundtrack "A Change is Gonna Come" - Sam Cook "Just the Two of Us" - Bill Withers "Lovely Day" - Bill Withers "Tupelo Honey" - Van Morrison

59:33 minutes (81.79 MB)

JP Marat - John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

57:43 minutes (79.26 MB)

Your Music Yusef Lateef tribute II


1:59:59 minutes (109.84 MB)

Prompted by one of those years-late laments on Facebook eulogizing the artist as though he had just died this week, I chose to create a SECOND tribute to Yusef Lateef, following my first tribute to him from 2013.

Your Music Joe Pass, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Scofield


1:59:33 minutes (109.45 MB)

1st hour; Joe Pass with Ella Fitzgerald, live recorded concert from 1975. Second hour; John Scofield Trio recorded live at the Bluenote in 2006

JP Marat - John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

57:43 minutes (79.26 MB)

Your Music California Coastal music

1:59:36 minutes (109.49 MB)

1st hour; Native American music and stories from coastal California. Second hour California native jazz.

Your Music McCoy Tyner, Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Freddie Hubbard, Kai Winding, Sonny Stitt, etc.


1:59:11 minutes (109.12 MB)

Two full live concert recordings, one featuring the McCoy Tyner quartet, and another with Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt, and Kai Winding. This is post hard-bop fusion, if you will, that stays close to its hard-bop roots while continuing to push the boundaries. Challenging, yet accessible, and very enjoyable.

live concert recordings of the Jazz fusion band Snarky Puppy, and a live-recorded performance by a jazz duo featuring Chris Cors


1:59:29 minutes (109.38 MB)

Jim Maneri sent a Youtube clip of Snarky Puppy featuring a phenomenal keyboard solo by Corey Henry, so I found that and more of their music to share this week, plus a jazz duo featuring Chrias Corsano on drums and Mette Rasmussen on sax

Your Music Joe Sample


1:59:22 minutes (109.28 MB)

Joe Sample passed away this month, so, in commemoration we bring you two full hours of his music. Although his later works kind of bordered on "smooth jazz", which I consider to be an abomination, he steered clear of that watered-down soulless drivel, copying only some of the sounds, and utilizing "cross-over" musicians like David Sanborn. Joe Sample was schooled in the "hard-bop" style of Jazz and he maintained a funky edge. So, while this may be considered kind of "light" and "slick", compared to the kinds of Jazz I usually favor on this program, it is still expressive and original, and undeniably skilled.

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