Your Music; Music of Palestine

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To hear any Palestinian music on the radio, you probably have to drive up to Dearbourne, Michigan. We;; guess what? I've been to Dearbourne plenty of times and haven't heard Palestinian music broadcast there, either. Here is two fiull hours of music from, or about Palestine, including protest music, Dabke, hip-hop from "B.A.D., and Shadia Mansour, folk balads from Rim Bana and Reem Kelani, poems from Mahmoud Darwish and Suhair Hamad

The Other Side of the News July 28, 2014 - The war in Gaza

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Bob Fitrakis interviews Connie Hammond of the local Progressive Peace Coalition about her trip to Israel and the West Bank and they discuss the current bombing of civilians in Gaza by Israel.

Conscious Voices A Just Peace in Palestine

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On the third weekend in July there was a rally in Columbus which drew an estimated 3,000 people demanding an end to Israel's assault on Gaza and to the occupation. It was one of many such rallies around the world and in the U.S., yet all of those rallies received scant coverage in the Western media. In this edition we have an interview with Reema Al-Waridat, a Palestinian American who organized last week's rally and is co-organizing another, scheduled for Friday, August 1 at 4 pm at Broad and High. We also have 3 reports sourced from Russia Today discussing the current siege and the history behind it. With musical bridges from Ghalia Benali and Rim Bana

Conscious Voices Pam Olson, Fast Times in Palestine

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Journalist and author Pam Olson, whiose book, Fast Times in Palestine offers an in-depth and nuanced view of live in Palestine under Israeli occupation will be speaking in Columbus, March 23 and 24. This edition of Conscious Voices features an interview with Pam about the book and her expoeriences and observations.

Conscious Voices Stand your Turkey

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Stand Your Ground, Thanks Giving, Hannuka

Conscious Voices U.N. vote on Palestinian status

59:38 minutes (54.61 MB)

Views from American Jews critical of Israeli policy, and under-reported info about the ongoing occupation of Gaza. Norm Finkelstein, Sonali Kolhatkar interviews Jennifer Lowenstein, Dennis Kucinich speaks to Congress, Tom Over interviews Ilyad Burnat in Columbus.

Your Music (Ceasefire edition) Music of Palestine

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Muisic of Palestine, including White Flag Project, a group of Israeli and Gazan musicians who sing songs of intercultural cooperation and understanding

Conscious Voices Black Friday edition

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Conscious Voices Black Friday edition; a history of Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective contrasted with a view of the Palestinian struggle from a Palestinian perspective.

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