Using WCRS online forums as one of many tools to improve our grassroots media outlet ?

Could we, by using these forums:

(1) enhance our collaboration w/in and beyond WCRS' core group, by enabling us to further develop, track over time, and test our various ideas; and

(2) add more integrity to our organizational habits in that the community at large can participate in these forums, and thereby play at least some role in our decision making processes ?

Regarding (2), constraints related to time, space, and other factors obviously prevent us from having hundreds of people from the community at our board meetings. Forums may be step toward remedying that.

Using forums

Assuming our site doesn't crash, forums could enable us to have an ongoing record of our ideas and our projects.

Even if the site crashes at some point, and we loose data, we likely would have enhanced working relationships w/in WCRS and w/ other media and non-media organizations as a result of using forums.