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Quick Description
(yr) great american lullabye! -- 78rpm sounds from the annals of america!
Agit Radio Agit Radio is a weekly program featuring the music covered by webzine the Agit Reader.
Arab American Nest Arab American Music
Articles of ADOS News important to American Descendants of Slavery & Allies
Aural Thicket Psych, folk, drone, free jazz, noise, new age, etc
Berbers From America Berber Music and Culture from Columbus, Ohio
Biohazard Techno/House music with a dash of eclecticism.
Bleaeck mixes Blaeack Mixes Blaeack
Brainache Weird, strange, uncommon music
Buen Dia Columbus local latino news and talk
Coalition Radio ALL Music of all genres from Hip Hop, Underground, Reggae, Old School Soul, Classic Rock, Jazz, etc...
Condemned Dance Music
Cranksters Columbus Bike Talk hosted by Zach Henkel
Creative Connections A forum to discuss arts, entertainment and entrepreneurship on WCRS FM 102.1/98.3 Sunday at 6pm
Fatbeard Fatbeard
Feminist Remix music by women: local, surrounding, abroad
Get Weird with Bo Davis Bo Davis plays songs, makes terrible jokes and makes a joke of himself.
Global Views Global Views is a show hosted by Mayo Makinde
Hot n Bothered: Cultivating Sustainable Resistance A show about sustainable resistance
Labor Creates All Wealth WCRS Labor Rights Show
Labor Creates All Wealth Central Ohio Labor Talk
Ladies Room Talk on issues relavent to Women
Loose Exploring the global music underground.
Luuliyo Somali Program The Somali Hour, produced by Luuliyo Media
Mixed Emotions Underground dance brought to you by Jenny Arcade and guests.
Morning Meditation Guided meditation
Musicologie Music show of all genres, all times, and all places produced by Adam Fleischer
News Briefs News Briefs by the WCRS News Team
Pamoja FM Modern African Pop Music program produced by DJ Burundi & Michael Ndaribamare.
Pat Radio Local and regional indie rock and pop music, occasional live performances and guest deejays. Produced by Pat Leonard.
Prescriptions Music from Doctah X
Q Factor Dance music from Columbus and around the world mixed by Sybling Q.
RaagTime Indian music show
Re-U-Nation Electronic music
Rock Away with DP Caribbean Vibes
Rocking Rudy Show Free Form Radio and Rock Music by Rudy G
Shark Week A local arts, music, and cool stuff program produced and hosted by Pat Roach and Ryan Branch featuring interviews with artists, business owners, and other people of note, with their selections of music.
SoHud Sound South of Hudson, north of Campus, this show features music from the sweetest sounding neighborhood in Columbus: produced by Jesse Michael Barr.
Sound Fluency Subversive, visionary, and challenging music.
Stammtisch Stammtisch - German culture in Columbus and German culture in general
Strangers in Town Connection of Music Worlds by Dj Aloha
Street Fight Political comedy and rabble rousing from Brett Payne and Brian Quinby
The Community Forum The Community Forum is a local interview show
The Fury Industrial Broadcast To The Masses Perpetrated by SteveOD
The Jukebox
The Other Side of the News A weekly local talk show with Bob Fitrakis
The Outspoken Cyclist Bicycling culture, equipment, event calendar for Ohio cyclists
The Ralph Tillis Show Old School Hip-Hop and Interviews of Local Musicians with Host Ralph Tillis
The Saturday Show It's a show that airs Saturday from 1 to 3 pm
The Saturday Show News Talk and Variety
The Vinyl Hour Vinyl Mix of Dance Music
tips for teens! -- honest-to-goodness rock'n'roll for/&/with the YOUTHS, 1950s-1990s!
WCRS Weather Now A daily one minute weather forecast for Columbus
We Want the Airwaves We Want the Airwaves - is an awesome mix of rock and other music from RudyG
What You Care About Maximize kindness economically, politically, artistically, and scientifically
Witches Brew Listen to Ladies
Writer's Talk Writer's talk is a program that interviews authors.
Yesterday's Top Secrets - Classic Reairings of Yesterday's Top Secrets
Zeb's Jazz Review Jazz and Blues selected by Zeb