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I'll be talking about the book: Muhand Abdelkrim di Dawla n Ripublik by Aumer U Lamara, about launching of the nwe Amazigh TV of Libya, the performance of Numidia Band in Mawazin Festival of Morocco, about the Chawi Singer Markunda, and I'll be playing the songs of Idban n Rif,Said Zerwali, Milouda, Mimoun Rafrou, Abdelmoula, Numidia Band, Markunda, and Tatrit Band.

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Berber Spring

Today we'll talk about the double berber springs of April 20th 1980 and the black srping of april 20th 2001. We also have a short biography of Ferhat Mehenni the leader of GPK, and protestant singer, and we'll be playing songs of Matoub Lounes, Lounis Ait MEnguellet, Abderrahmane Oulahlou and Ferhat Mehenni.
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The Berber Spring (in Berber: Tafsut Imaziɣen or simply Tafsut for "Spring") was a period of political protest and civil activism in 1980 claiming recognition of the Berber identity and language in Algeria with events mainly taking place in Kabylie and Algiers. The background was marked by two decades of harsh Arabization measures instituted by the Arab nationalist FLN dictatorship government, which refused to recognize Algeria's Berber identity and banned the Berber language altogether.

The Berber Spring is traditionally dated as beginning on March 10, 1980 with the banning of a conference due to be held by the Kabyle intellectual Mouloud Mammeri at Hasnaoua University in Tizi-Ouzou. A critical point was the coordinated arrest of hundreds of Berber activists, students and doctors on April 20, sparking a general strike.

While the Berber Spring was in the end violently suppressed by the Algerian authorities, it created a lasting legacy for Kabylie and the Berbers across North Africa. Many of today's prominent Kabyle politicians and activists made their name during the Berber Spring events, and organizations such as the Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) and the Berber Cultural Movement (Mouvement Culturel Berbère – MCB) were later created by activists of the Spring. The Spring was also an important event for Algeria's nascent human rights community, including outside Berber circles.

Berbers from America

Hi to all our faithful listeners.

We'll be talking tonight about Massinissa d King of Numidia, about his battles and kingdom, we will talk about the play Massinissa the Black Man, and also about Helen Hagan's book and the 2013 Rabah Asma's new album and touring in Algeria to promote the album and celebrate his Come Back for his 30th anniversay of singing.

The song we'll be playing are: Arwah( come to me) by Matoub Lounes, Massinissa agellid n Numidia(Massinissa the king of Numidia)by Meksa Abdelkader, L'Afrik i yerfiqen(Africa belongs to Africans) by Tagrawla, Amusnaw(The wise man) by Lounis Ait Menguellat, and Rabah Asma will sing Hemlaghkem seg ul(I love you with all my heart).

Here is a trailer about Massinissa's play, just for you.

stay tuned tonight at 6:00 pm on WCRS, Berbers from America is hosted by Sonia Ladjadj

Berbers from America

Our weekly show is going to talk about the famous actress Salima Laidi who passed last thursday, and the tribute paid to Dahmane EL Harrachi and the upcoming events and the participation of algerian movies in new york film festival, the new album of Yacine Amrar, and Farid Ferragui's concert in Canada.

Berbers From America

Hello to all my dear american friends and listeners, on my weekly show: Berbers from America I'm featuring the following songs for tonight: Massa Bouchafa Itij, Nouara Jerjer, Djamel Allam Tiziri, Matoub Lounes Beddegh di Tizi, Takfarinas, Lfen, Belaid Tagrawla Awal nwen, Akli Yahiaten Tamurt iw, and Lounis Ait Menguellet Sani tebgham anruh. Stick around for a happy hour of news and infos, on WCRS 98.3 and 102.1 FM live from columbus ohio @ 6:00 PM tonight.

Berbers From America

In our show for today, we'll pay tributes to M'Hammed Issiakhem a well known painter, Mouloud Feraoun a writer assassinated in 1962, Marie Louise Taos Amrouche an opera singer,we'll talk about the Berber American Community, and also have some news and information about recent berber publications translated into english language, and the new album of Yasmina released in March 2013.

Groundhog Forecasts Prosperous 2013 For Gahanna’s Economy

(GAHANNA, Ohio)- February 3, 2013
In a small Pennsylvania town, Punxatawney Phil forecasted an early spring early yesterday morning and city leaders in the Columbus suburb of Gahanna forecasted continuous economic growth for the east side suburb at the 16th Annual Groundhog Day Economic Forecast Breakfast on Friday.

The breakfast was held at the Creekside Conference and Event Center in Olde Gahanna as Gahanna celebrated its economic success in 2012 and its economic growth for the year ahead.

The City of Gahanna released surveys of the city’s General Fund Revenue from the past year. 62 percent of the city’s funds come from income tax.

For the 2011 year, 35 percent of money was spent on public safety. 16 percent was spent on general government. 15 percent was spent on the city’s Parks & Recreation department. 12 percent was spent on community and economic development, and 11 percent each was spent of public service and transfers, respectively.

In the 2011 tax year, most of the city’s real estate tax dollars went to the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools. 17 percent of real estate tax dollars went to the Mifflin Township Fire Department. 11 percent went to Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health (ADAMH) Services. Seven percent went to Franklin County Children’s Services and Senior Options. Four percent each went to the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Two percent each went to the Franklin County Metro Parks, the Eastland Joint Vocational Schools, and the Franklin County General Fund. The remaining three percent of Gahanna’s real estate tax dollars in the 2011 tax year went back to the City of Gahanna.

Watching Isaac

Although we haven't mention it during weather updates on-air... My eyes have been watching Isaac. This is the latest we know at this moment.

Isaac is gaining strength off of the coast of Haiti with winds of 60 mph with the storm hitting Cuba tomorrow then the Gulf Coast around monday. Isaac is a large storm and it will affect Tampa and the GOP Convention.

At this point, we don't know If Isaac will have an impact on Central Ohio's weather next week but keep it tuned to WCRS 102.1/98.3 and WCRS Weather Now. I will be watching where it will go next all this weekend and will be blogging here under the WCRS Weather Now Blog.

The good news is we don't have to worry about it this weekend as it will be sunny, hot and 90 during the day and clear and mid 60's at night.

Have a great weekend! Soak it up!

Editorial - COTA on Strike

Bryan Curtiss, Writer

At 3:00 A.M. Eastern Daylight Savings Time yesterday, bus operators and maintenance workers for the Central Ohio Transit Authority, represented by Transport Workers Union Local # 208 walked off the job, creating the first work stoppage for COTA in 25 years.

For the first time ever, there will be no public transportation service to the Red, White, and Boom fireworks due to this work stoppage.

According to COTA President and CEO Curtis Stitt, COTA negotiated in "good faith" with the Union, but the Union rejected two contract proposals, including one tonight.

When the latest contract proposal was rejected tonight, I was hoping that there would be a definitive answer into why the strike is continuing onward. However, Transport Workers Union Local # 208 President Andrew Jordan did not go into specific details on the 11:00 News tonight.

This is going to be a long and hot summer for COTA riders trying to get around. While some riders are able to get around fine, many riders are disabled and unable to drive.

COTA bus operators on Facebook and on the local Columbus website Columbus Underground voiced their concerns regarding safety and the working conditions on the buses.

In Monday's Columbus Dispatch, Mayor Michael B. Coleman was quoted as saying the strike is "irresponsible" on the Union's part. Mayor Coleman is right. The strike by COTA is irresponsible, at a time where the city has seen its hottest temperature in 13 years this past week, at a time where the heat index is in the triple digits, and at a time where the economy is still recovering from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

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