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Jukebox Launch & Comfest Booth

Hey everybody,
It's Comfest time again. WCRS encourages you to check out our booth at the street fair. We will have our new schedule printed out as well as bumper stickers & silk screened t-shirts.

Comfest is at Gooddale park June 23-25th. Also remember if you want to help WCRS to volunteer with clean-up and recycling or safety and donate your hours to WCRS. You can sign-up at

Also we are pleased to announce the WCRS Local Music Jukebox appears to be up and ready to run. If you are a local band or musician check out for more information.

Community radio station WCRS transferred to The Neighborhood Network

On December 21st Simply Living officially transferred its license to operate WCRS-LP 102.1 and 98.3 FM to The Neighborhood Network, an assignment approved by the FCC in early November. “The commitment and contributions of our volunteer personnel have been powerful testimony to the importance of community radio. It is a miracle that our station has reached this point, and it is also a testament to the tenacity, hutzpah, and perseverance of everyone involved,” said Marilyn Welker, director of Simply Living.

For community radio to serve its listenership, broad community support is needed. We especially honor and thank the following agencies and people for their outstanding contributions:

City of Columbus and the Community Relations Commission;
Java Kitrick and the Puffin Foundation
Mark Kitrick and the law firm of Kitrick, Lewis & Harris
Comfest and their Grants Committee;
Used Kids Records;
Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism;
Peter Doyle and the Audio Division staff at the FCC for their due diligence in wading through reams of paper related to our timeshare agreement and their unswerving commitment to see low power community radio reach its potential.

Photo by Ness Mayker

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