Conscious Voices Columbus Janitors win contract, Imokalee workers confront Wendy's

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1,000 + columbus janitors win a new 3-year contract after a year-long battle with downtown cleaning service agencies. Imokalee workers and allies draw 120 to a protest at the grand opening of Wendy's newest burger joint - meet, briefly with a Wendy's exec.

Conscious Voices Lori Wallach explains the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

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The Trans Pacific Partnership ( "TPP") is a new "free trade" agreement being pushed by the Obama administration that critics say would allow an unaccountable consortium of transnational corporations to over-rule local laws in the U.S. and other participating nations. Indeed, the language of the proposal spells it out explicitly, yet it is being "fast-tracked" through Congress and its details have only recently been leaked. Lori Wallach, of Public Citizen explains.

Conscious Voices Imokalee workers march in Columbus

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The Coalition of Imokalee Workers is pressuring Columbus-based Wendy's to sign on to their 1-cent-per-pound contract which guarantees better wages and conditions for tomato pickers in Southern Florida. We spewak with several of the organizers. Also; the weekly Coal Report and a new weekly feature, an audio column from Sonali Kolhatkar

Conscious Voices Columbus May labor rallies

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Two separate rallies focused on labor rights took place in downtown Columbus this week as the state legislature takes up a bill that may lead to union-busting in public schools, and another that would seriously undermine collective bargaining rights throughout the state. In this program we feature highlights from both rallies, plus a song from Pete Seeger, who turned 94 this week.

Conscious Voices - the firing of Carla Hale

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Carla Hale was fired from her teaching position at Bishop Watterson catholic high school after 19 years when an anonymous letter, allegedly from a parent of a student there outed her as a lesbian. Alumni and others have organized in solidarity and are demanding her reinstatement and a change in the Catholic Dioces employment policies.

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