JP Marat and Big Barking Dog present "Cuz I Love You" by Lizzo

Today we drop a new R&B Album by Lizzo entitled "Cuz I Love You." Great Stuff.

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@djdeepoise & Hef - Hustle Brand Radio ep. 6

This week Dj Dee-Poise Welcomes J Harris and Johnathan Parks to the show these are two R&b indie artist making smooth R&b that you will enjoy .Plus some new Indie hip hop from all over the world . Don't forget to follow and like hustle brand on all social media platforms. and if your a artist interested in getting airplay email us at hustlebrandradio@gmail.com

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@djdeepoise & Hef - Hustle Brand Radio show 5

Dj Dee-Poise and Hef welcomes Erick Sermon to the show with O.g. Savion Saddam of North Carolina .Both these artist speak on there latest projects and chop it up about there adventures as indie artist . Plus more great indie R&b ,hiphop, and a touch of Jazz. Don't forget to follow us on all social media @djdeepoise @hefchulo and @hustlebrandent on I.G. . Or email hustlebrandradio@gmail.com to be on our show

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Hustle Brand Radio 1-15-19

This Week on Hustle Brand Radio Dj Dee-Poise & Hef Welcome Relm Diggie of Columbus ,Ohio a Hip hop artist who drop a indie song about the Ohio State Buckeyes .That sold 75,ooo copies well before anyone knew about being a indie artist . He also speaks on the record business and how it has changed

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The Fatbeard Radio Programme Fifty Nine

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