Berbers from America

Hi to all our faithful listeners.

We'll be talking tonight about Massinissa d King of Numidia, about his battles and kingdom, we will talk about the play Massinissa the Black Man, and also about Helen Hagan's book and the 2013 Rabah Asma's new album and touring in Algeria to promote the album and celebrate his Come Back for his 30th anniversay of singing.

The song we'll be playing are: Arwah( come to me) by Matoub Lounes, Massinissa agellid n Numidia(Massinissa the king of Numidia)by Meksa Abdelkader, L'Afrik i yerfiqen(Africa belongs to Africans) by Tagrawla, Amusnaw(The wise man) by Lounis Ait Menguellat, and Rabah Asma will sing Hemlaghkem seg ul(I love you with all my heart).

Here is a trailer about Massinissa's play, just for you.

stay tuned tonight at 6:00 pm on WCRS, Berbers from America is hosted by Sonia Ladjadj