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CV 20220616 March (again) For Our Lives

59:53 minutes (27.41 MB)

Speeches from the 2022 ( second) March For Our Lives against gun violence.

CV 20220609 Unsettled; Israel Continues it Assault

59:46 minutes (27.36 MB)

Several international news reports about the murder of an American Al Jazeera journalist in occupied Palestine, and an attack by Israeli police of the mourners, Americans aiding Israeli settlers in harassing Palestinians, and a far-right Israeli nationalist march in Jerusalem reminiscent, in some respects of the far-right march in Charlottesville, Virginia

CV 20220525 Guns and Inflation

A critique of pro-gun myths, and Richard Wolfe on the historical causes of inflation

59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

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CV 20220512 Panel discussion on Ukraine with Phyllis Bennis

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

A panel discussion ("webinar") on Ukraine with Institute For Policy Studies analyst Phyllis Bennis

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CV 20220505 The End of Roe

59:56 minutes (27.43 MB)

In the wake of the news of a leaked draft ruling from the Republican-dominated US Supreme Court effectively overturning Roe Vs Wade , we hear from MSNBC's Ali Velshi on the white supremacist roots of the anti-abortion movement, Vice President Kamala Harris' comments to an Emily's List convention, and my interview with Cole Wojdacz, field director for Pro Choice Ohio

CV 20220428 Border Wall Impact, Ukraine, and Henry Green

59:08 minutes (27.07 MB)

Interview with a spokesperson from the Center For Biological Diversity on the impacts of the border wall, another Ukraine perspective and news of the acquittal of two notorious Columbus police officers in the killing of Henry Green

CV20220421 You're Being Lied To About Ukraine

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

Russel Brand, Richard Wolfe, and Chris Hedges discuss the conflict in Ukraine and the crisis of imperial capitalism ( 2 segments)

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