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Conscious Voices Dave Zirin in Columbus

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Sept 10, 2018, political sports writer and historian, Dave Zirin gave a talk in Columbus at the Wexner Center. Full board recording.

Conscious Voices Urban Trees Under Threat

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`Two segments about the benefits of urban trees in light of the City of Columbus' recent campaign to eradicate all trees that are affecting sidewalks (rather than modify the sidewalks, which requires caring and imagination).

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Conscious Voices Ron Dellums

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An interview from a community TV station in California with former congressperson Ron Dellums

Conscious Voices Statues and Statutes, Columbus Community Bill of Rights denied

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The Franklin County Board of Elections denied the Columbus Community Bill of Rights issue ballot access , even after the Columbus Community Council had approved sending the proposal to the November ballot. Dozens of volunteers spend thousands of hours gathering signatures for the proposal which would grant Columbus the right to regulate or ban industrial activities that pose a public health risk or jeopardize the city's air and water , suchg as fracking, waste injection wells, or placement of radioactive mine tailings in municipal landfills.
Audio from the Board of Elections meeting and interview with attorney Terry Lodge, and Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund organizer Tish O'Dell.
Also; discussion of the issue of confederate monument removals in the wake of the removal of one such statue at the university of North Carolina by student activists.

Conscious Voices Columbus tax abatements and remembering Ron Dellums

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The Colyumbus City Council adopted a new policy regarding tax abatements for developers which includes a provision that requires developers to dedicate a portion of each new construction to "affordable hoiusing". But is that enough? What is "affordable"? Critics say the policy greases the skids for gentrification.

Field recordings of speakers at the City Council meeting and an interview with Amy Harkins of Yes We Can.

Also; the Council approved the Columbus Community Bill Of Rights ballot measure to proceed to the November ballot . A speaker on that issue addressed the council, and an interview with Community Bill Of Rights activists afterward.

And a remembrance of Ron Dellums, who died this week at 82 - a recording of his 1990 speech in Oakland introducing the newly freed Nelson Mandela.

Conscious Voices Reproductive rights versus Kavanaugh (Now We're In The SUP)

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Interview with National Abortion Rights Action League Ohio chapter deputy director Jaime Miracle on the status of abortion rights and the struggle ahead in light of the recent Supreme Court nomination.

Conscious Voices Immigration Rights Rallies

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Audio from 2 immigratiion rights rallies; one on the Broklyn Bridge, reported by Pacifica's Mitchel Cohen, and another in Columbus, recorded by me.

Conscious Voices Crises in Venezuela and Nicaragua

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Economic and political crises are unfolding in both Venezuela and Nicaragua, which are partly caused by deliberate meddling by the United States, and partly by mis-steps of the elected administrations in those countries, and external economic factors, yet the American media paints a simpler ( and inaccurate) picture of both Venezuela's Maduro, and Nicaragua as text-book petty dictators bent on consolidating power at any cost.
Two reports from Al Jazeera Engliush are presented here that offer a moire nuanced view.

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59:58 minutes (82.36 MB)
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