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Conscious Voices Coup in Venezuela thwarted ( for now)

1:00:00 minutes (41.72 MB)

In light of the majority of U.S. media's complete lack of coverage of Venezuelan perspectives not alligned with the U.S.-backed opposition we have several segments offering historical analysis and updates on the situation from non-opposition viewpoints.

Conscious Voices Bordering on the Brink

59:59 minutes (82.38 MB)

Border-wall / declaration of "emergency" protests, and an interview with the Center for Biological Diversity on the environmental impact of the border wall and immigration policies

Conscious Voices Crisis in Venezuela, and Israel's influence over U.S. legislators

59:57 minutes (82.33 MB)

Ilfan Omar grills Elliot Abrams on his record, Abby Martin on the effects of U.S. sanctions in Venezuela, and 2 lectures on how Israel affects U.S. policies, elections, and legislators

Conscious Voices But, the Rebuttals!

59:59 minutes (82.38 MB)

Georgia politician/activist Stacey Abrams delivers the Democratic Party rebuttal to the state of the union address, followed by Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, speaking for the Working Families Party, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Consciois Voices Ohio Women's March 2019

59:58 minutes (82.36 MB)

Some of the speeches from the Columbus, Ohio 2019 Women's March, plus Nina Turner speaking at the national Women's March

Conscious Voices Tulsi Gabbard

59:58 minutes (82.37 MB)

A recorded speech from Hawaii congressperson Tulsi Gabbard, and a recorded conversation between Gabbard and Jane Sanders, plus some discussion in the intro of Gabbard's pros and cons.

Conscious Voices Columbus Campaign Finance Reform

1:00:00 minutes (82.41 MB)

The Columbus City Council proposes a package of campaign finance reforms that include a very high limit on how much an individual or company can donate to a candidate. Citizen activists speak against that portion of the proposal.

Conscious Voices Abortion ban veto stands, as U.S. troops in Syria stand down

1:00:00 minutes (82.4 MB)

Ohio Republican legislators fail by just one vote to overturn Governor Kasich's veto of a sweeping abortion ban bill that the legislature adopted last week, but the governor signed a second abortion ban bill that opponents say is nearly as bad.
Also, Medea Benjamin speaks with Phyllis Benis on the announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria

Conscious Voices Zionism and Black Radicalism

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

Talk by Morgan State University professor of communications, Jared Ball on the intersection of modern Pan-Africanism and the anti-zionist movement.

Conscious Voices David Cay Johnston and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

Journalist David Cay Johnston, author of the new book; It's Worse Than You Think; What Trump Is Doing To America, and congressperson-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the New Green Deal

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