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Conscious Voices Rally against Republican tax bill

59:58 minutes (39.72 MB)

Dayton Ohio rally against the Republican tax bill featuring Ohio former state senator Nina Turner, Columbus; Portia Boulger, and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and others. Also,an excerpt from Al Franken's resignation speech.

Conscious Voices Save Higher Education ( stop the tax bill)

59:58 minutes (41.06 MB)

Grad students and others at Ohio State University rally in opposition to the Republican proposed tax overhaul bill by holding a "grade-in" at the Student Union.
Also, an excerpt from the RT TV program Boom Bust with financial analysis of the tax bill and other financial news.

Conscious Voices Tamika Mallory

59:57 minutes (54.88 MB)

A talk given by Women's March organizer, Tamika Mallory recently in Australia about the state of the women's movement, intersectionality in feminism, and the lead-up to the 2018 election.

Conscious Voices Jasmine Ayres and Maxine Waters

59:58 minutes (54.91 MB)

Interview with Yes We Can candidate for City Council, Jasmine Ayres, plus audio (poor) of Maxine Waters speech at the Reclaiming Our Time conference in Detroit.

Conscious Voices Crises in Venezuela and Puerto Rico

59:57 minutes (54.89 MB)

Tariq Ali speaking on the crisis in Venezuela as a function ogf U.S. colonialism, and Juan Gonzalez on the history of the Puerto Rican debt.

Conscious Voices My Dinner With Puja

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

A free-ranging somewhat informal conversation with Puja Datta, national coordinator for the Working Families Party about local and national politics of the day

Conscious Voices Yes We Can rally with King and Turner

1:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

a public forum titled "Tale of Two Cities", featuring columniust Shaun King, and Our Revolution chair, Nina Turner

Conscious Voices Hurricane Harvey and Jackass Joe ( Arpaio)

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

several produced pieces regarding climate change, urban flooding and urban sprawl, plus some commentary on the pardoning of Arizona's former Maricopa County sherrif Joe Arpaio

Conscious Voices Tiki Nazis and Swastikati

59:57 minutes (54.89 MB)

After white supremacists, nazis, NRA members, "Men's rights" advocates, Liberetarians, and other Trump supporters rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person and injuring many more, we feature audio from a short video documentary by Vice TV, who had a reporter embedded with the white supremacists, and we'll hear audio from the funeral of Heather Heyer, the civil rights activist killed by an Ohio man who plowed his car in to a group of peaceful demonstrators.

Conscious Voices History of the GLBT movement

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

Many folks regard the 1969 Stonewall uprising in Greenwich Village as the "start" of the GLBT rights movement, but GLBT rights advocacy, and even a militant physical resistance to a police raid on a popular GLBT hang-out pre-dated Stonewall by several years. A Communist Party member, Harry Hay started the first GLBT advocacy group as a committee of the Communist Party. It then became an independent organization called the Matachine Society. This program takes a look at Harry Hay, including audio of a speech he gave on the 20th anniversary of Stonewall, and testimonies from veterans of both the Stonewall, and earlier Compton's Diner uprisings.

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