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Conscious Voices Naomi Klein book tour speech No Is Not Enough

59:59 minutes (82.38 MB)

Author and lecturer, Naomi Klein critiques Trump, capitalism, and environmental issues in this speech given as part of her latest book tour

Conscious Voices Ralph Schoenman, The Hidden History of Zionism

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

Lecture by Ralph Schoenman , author of The Hidden History of Zionism, first brtoadcast on the radio series Guns and Butter.

Conscious Voices Noura Erakat on the Palesine - Israel conflict

1:00:00 minutes (82.39 MB)

Two speeches regarding Israel/Palestine offering perspectives no usually heard in the American media

Conscious Voices Cornel and Kanye, go West and South

59:55 minutes (82.28 MB)

A recent lecture by Cornel West and commentary about the disconnectedness of the Black elite class in the wake of recent "off color" remarks by hip hop mogul Kanye West

YM 2018 12 Kamasi Washington ans Samantha Fish

1:59:55 minutes (164.68 MB)

2 songs by Samantha Fish ( a preview of a coming feature) and a full-length live-recorded performance by Jazz artist Kamasi Washington.

Conscious Voices Jackie Patton, Fracking, White nationalist Java Jive

1:00:00 minutes (82.39 MB)

Interview with Jackie Patton, running for the Democratic nomination to vie for Ohio's 12th congressional seat, a short documentary on Fracking in N.E. Ohio, an ASBC interview with the two men arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks for not-drinking-coffee-while-black, and a local TV report on the white nationalist gathering in Newnan, Georgia

Conscious Voices Amy Goodman on the importance of independent media

Amy Goodman speaking on the importance of independent media

1:00:00 minutes (82.41 MB)

Conscious Voices Sudden Oak Death

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

2 short documentaries on Sudden Oak Death, a new pathogen that is killing Oaks and other trees in California, pluys a refresher course on the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, killing Hemlocks in the East.

Conscious Voices Marching For Our Lives

1:00:00 minutes (82.39 MB)

Speeches from the student-led national march again st gun violence

Consciuous Voices Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander pt 2

59:59 minutes (82.38 MB)

Part two of a wide-ranging conversation between Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander

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