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Conscious Voices History of the GLBT movement

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Many folks regard the 1969 Stonewall uprising in Greenwich Village as the "start" of the GLBT rights movement, but GLBT rights advocacy, and even a militant physical resistance to a police raid on a popular GLBT hang-out pre-dated Stonewall by several years. A Communist Party member, Harry Hay started the first GLBT advocacy group as a committee of the Communist Party. It then became an independent organization called the Matachine Society. This program takes a look at Harry Hay, including audio of a speech he gave on the 20th anniversary of Stonewall, and testimonies from veterans of both the Stonewall, and earlier Compton's Diner uprisings.

Conscious Voices Twilight Bey on the 25 anniversary of the ganbg truce, and Dennis Kucinich at Comfest

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In answer to the on-going controversy over the incident at Comfest regarding a band having been told not to play a particularly incendiary song, "Fuck the Police", written 30+ years ago in response to systemic police brutality in South Central L.A., we have a recent interview with Twilight Bey, one of the members of The Bloods who signed the historic truce between the Crips and the Bloods. It speaks to the circumstances that inspired the song, and reveals an alternate perspective - one of a gang member-turned community organizer as opposed to that of a commercially successful singer commenting from a particular social niche.
The interview was conducted by Pacifica Radio's Davey D.
Also, audio from a speech given by Dennis Kucinich at this year's Comfest.

Conscious Voices Save Medicaid, and an interview with Wriply Benet, one of the Black Pride 4

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The Ohio state senate may try to override Governor Kasich's veto of an item in the state budget bill that would drastically cut Medicaid. Audio from a Columbus rally to save Medicaid featuring Rev. William Barber.
Also, a feature-length interview with Wriply Benet, one of the 4 people arrested for staging a civil disobedience action at the Pride parade to draw attention both to the killings of Black and Brown trans people, and police violence against Black and Brown folks in general.

Conscious Voices Sanders health care rally in Columbus, June 26, 2017

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Bernie Sanders held a rally to oppose the latest Republican bill to slash Medicaid. Full speech here.

Conscious Voices Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor and Nina Turner

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Author and African American Studies professor cancelled a number of public appearances after she received death threats from Trump supporters in response to this commencement address she gave in 2017.
Ohio's own Nina Turner gave a keynote address at this year's People's Summit in Chicago.

Conscious Voices Michael Parenti Myths of Caapitalism

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Author, historian, and lecturer Michael Parenti traces the roots of some of the myths used to justify capitalism

Conscious Voices Rev. William Barber How We Got Here

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Rev. William Barber speaks on how we have arrived at our current political crossroads

\Conscious Voices Linda Burnham - white privilege and the Trump era

Author and activist Linda Burnham, speaking at a recent conference talks about the need for resistance , and the role of white privilege in the Trump ascendancy. She recently published an essay in The Guardian addressing the need to reject the narrative that blames Democrats neglect of rural white economic concerns for Trump's win.

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Conscious Voices Ohio Women's March organizer Rhiannon Childs

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Extended interview with Ohio state director of the Women's March on Washington, Rhiannon Childs, plus Elizabeth Warren's speech at the Women's March in Boston

Conscious Voices Women's March pt 1

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Audio from women's marches January 21 across the country

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