WCRS Podcast - consciousvoices

Conscious Voices #7 - Music cafe; poet Regina Sewell; activist Harvey Wasserman

57:12 minutes (104.74 MB)

Eric Alteen Conceived the idea for Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell, Ohio when he was a chocolate salesman who stopped at endless coffee shops, and always came up with ideas as to how he could do it better. His vision for a vibrant, live-music venue in a sleepy suburban town dominated by antique shops has attracted a wide palette of bands into the former church. (www.espressoyourselfmusiccafe.com for a list of bands.)  read more ...

Conscious Voices #6 - Poets, art cars, and food

59:15 minutes (108.51 MB)

Poetry, learn how to turn your plain car into an art car, and find out how local produce feeds your soul at The Greener Grocer in Ohio's historic North Market.

Allyson Pitts, poet, reads from her work (what cadence!), talks about inspiration and how writing connects her to the earth. Music for this segment: http://www.jamendo.com/ (Creative Commons) by Allison Crowe, "Secrets".

Conscious Voices #5 - Storyteller

47:31 minutes (87.02 MB)

This gifted storyteller, Michael Kasony O'Malley, encourages us to put away electronic games, to turn away from distractions and share our stories with each other.

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