# 313 - Musical Dia De La Muerta IV: Day Sera Sera

1:00:14 minutes (55.15 MB)

Tonight on the show, a musical salute to artists that we lost in the last 12 months, from Doris Day to Nancy Wilson, and from Ric Ocasek to The Captain from Captain & Tennille, we've got all bases loaded in 60 minutes.

Your Music 2018 3 Hugh Masekela

1:59:59 minutes (81.5 MB)

Live concert recordings of Hugh Masekela, including one with Miriam Makeba

Your Music 2018 2

13:40 minutes (9.93 MB)

More funky, international jazz

Your Music 2018 1

2:00:00 minutes (85.6 MB)

Mix of funky jazz, Bossa Nova, and Latin Jazz-rock

The Other Side of the News July 7, 2017 - Dan Dougan interview

Bob interviews Dan Dougan and they reminisce about Staches, Little Brothers, the musicians, bands, circuses, events, and people who performed and hung out there

29:09 minutes (28.08 MB)

Bob and Dan talk about Staches, Little Brothers, and how these venues were an integral part of the progressive community in Columbus

JP Marat - New EP by Vagabon entitled "Infinite Worlds" - Released Feb 24 2017

29:49 minutes (40.96 MB)

Laetita Tamko is Vagabon. Check out this edgy new EP entitled "Infinite Worlds" that was just released on Feb 24, 2017

Your Music Music from Zimbabwe

1:58:39 minutes (108.63 MB)

2 hours of traditional music from Zimbabwe. In the first hour we feature the Mbira ( pictured here), and in the second hour we have music from the Ndebele people.

your music the other southern heritage

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folks defending the confederate flag often claim it's a symbol of 'southern heritage". I don't buy that for a hot second. Do you? No one ever asks them what they mean by that, but they volunteer things occasionally - stuff about "states rights" and the imposition of government over-reach. They'll claim that it's "not about slavery and hate". They might as well claim that slavery itself wasn't about bondage or involuntary labor. Their revising of history has a subtler side, however when even more enlightened reflections on Southern culture overlook the experiences of people of color and, in particular, women of color. This edition of Your Music features all female artists from the South who had or have tremendous influence, most of whom were or are not white - a forgotten aspect of "Southern heritage", and one truly worth celebrating. You'll hear Josephine Baker, Big Mama Thornton, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Mahalia Jackson Pura Fe, Memphis Minnie, Hazel Dickens, Bobbi Humphrey, Odetta and more.

people who defend the confederate emblems often claim it's about

Your Music McCoury x 3

1:59:22 minutes (109.28 MB)

2 live-recorded sets featuring 3 generations of the McCoury family. In the first hour we hear Del McCoury and his band which includes his sons, Ronnie (Mandoline) and Rob ( Banjo) in their set opening the 8th annual Delfest. The second hour is a set from the same festival by a group called the Broomestix, which includes Ronnie McCoury's son, Evan on guitar.

Your Music Turquaz

1:59:03 minutes (109 MB)

2 full hours of the New York based funk=blues band Turquaz

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